30.3.2023. 5pm IST  
A DRUNKARD once upon a time in his life to now A COOK & total Teetotalar. 
Once upon a time this Goan elderly man was abandoned and totally helpless, today a No 1 Cook in our shelter Home but on medication which Needs to be administered on time.
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Street Providence Goa not only takes in helpless, old, elderly, abandoned & homeless people with disabilites but we make them get their life back to an extent they are now ready to help the others who are helpless 
Agnel is unmarried and was living alone in his small house @ Colvale in miserable conditions and was totally weak and sick & an alcoholic.
Neighbour's would give him food and most of the basic amenities were missing in his house .
The Parish priest of Colvale church Fr Arlino helped him by bringing him to my notice for rehabilitation permanently.
We took Agnel in Jan 22 and he was a very very stubborn and irritating man who refused to stay and one day he slipped out of the home , slid down from the 2nd floor on to a coconut tree and walked away. ( picture attached )
Believe me , last year , Agnel was very weak and with a walking stick he would move around but how he slid down that coconut tree is very strange.
We found him soon.
( Picture of the tree & the 2nd floor attached  )
Diabetics, pressure,  alcohol withdrawal, wounds on his leg was his medical condition. 
Most of all HE WAS VERY WEAK .
All our CARE GIVERS are trained to tolerate such men as its only LOVE & HUMAN CARE which eventually breaks down such men.
Mr Akash Pednekar our care giver at Quepem home admitted him atleast 10 times in District hospital margao mostly at night just to stabilize him which was very irritating and troublesome as he just refused to listen.
Some where in October 22 , Agnel started falling in line as he now understood that Street Providence is his permanent home.
Agnel understood that inspite of all his troubles and tantrums, Akash still cared and loves him just like a son loves his father.
Slowly Agnel started working in the house and his diabetics & pressure was getting under control. 
His weight increased.  Hospital admissions were a thing of the past. 
Today we have an Extra Cook who can cook for 30 men  in our shelter home and Agnel is alive and active and Cooks at our Cavelossim men home. 
Each elderly man in our shelter home standing. WALKING & working means less pressure on the care givers otherwise they end up with Pampers and get wounds and bed bound.
Agnel today does alot of work for his age in the home and he is an inspiration to the other elderly men.
It's next to impossible for me to believe last January 22 when we took Agnel in that he would be ever Normal and totally active in life again.
It was a difficult case on the day of the admission but we could not say NO as AGNEL was in a very pathetic and unhealthy condition.
Agnel needed a hand and we are proud to have helped him that day on 7.1.2022.
♡♡♡ All thanks and appreciation goes to Mr Akash Pednekar our care giver at Quepem home who inspite of working 8 hours a day  in the Electricity Department is practically 15 hours a day after his shift in this shelter home where he physically stays day and night with these homeless men numbering at times 40 to 50.
Akash Pednekar works also in shifts at the Electricity Department. 
It gives us all happiness & satisfaction to see such recoveries taking place month after month,  year after year in all our mens shelter homes.
♡♡♡ We thank all our trustees, staff , Government officials,  volunteers, BENEFACTORS. philanthropic partners and well wishers who some way along this journey of mine has blessed us in this service to the homeless.
We are not just a rehabilitation Home but we are a de addiction centre for alcoholic & drug abuse as well as a registered care centre with the Social Welfare Department Panjim for the poor goan people suffering from severe mental disabilities & all tyoes of physical disabilities for both men & women.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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