4.4.2023. 6pm IST
Finally The Lady In The Red Saree living for months on the streets , gardens, by lanes and sleeping on the stairs of Timothy Bldg. Near Lawande Electricals,  Luis Menezes Road, Panjim city has reached our shelter home today.
Herald newspaper & Herald TV early March 23 has highlighted this issue and it was disappointing that inspite of the media coverage she was still there, in panjim till this morning.
The below link was of her moving around on 1.3.2023
The red saree lady for years is sleeping under trees, 1st in siolim area and last few months in panjim city .
Lost her husband and I assume that has made her loose her mind . Got a son and a brother but both cant manage her due to her stubbornness in not taking medicines. 
We tried few years back helping her but very rough and aggressive so we did not push it.
This is where I get upset over treatment to such poor homeless Goan ladies. 
》1. We reported this lady to police & the press on 1.3.24  and SP North got her picked up and the cops took her to IPHB for a check up after the media highlighted the same .
》2. IPHB should have admitted her, but since the cops did not get the MAGISTRATE ORDER, she was given medication and the cops dropped her to her brother home.
》3. Next day back on the streets. Which I had predicted knowing the situations of such chronic patients .
》4. I called and followed up with Anjuna police who brought her brother & son to the station and both concluded that its just next to impossible to keep her at home but they gave the cops their affidavit that she can be admitted in street Providence shelter home, this was say by 12th March 2023.
》5. Last few days panjim police have been trying to locate her as well as our team tried & many locals were to locate her but some how WE ARE 
ALL TO OCCUPIED and she just stayed on the streets. 
》6. Society in that area expects the NGO to pick her up , NGO expects the society to show her location and Police are occupied with more important jobs. ( We including myself fail such homeless abandoned Street women).
》7. In the meantime we informed both PANJIM & ANJUNA police stations that incase they spot the lady please pick her up and call us.
》8. Today at 1 pm , Mr Alauddin Khan , PSI  was informed by the cops that the red saree lady is in a different colored Saree and immediately he got the cops to pick her up from the Mermaid Garden.
》9. We admitted her into our shelter home and tomorrow morning will be taken to IPHB for am assessment and she has to be admitted for a few days into IPHB otherwise it's going to be really difficult to handle her.
As I write this post it's 8.20 pm , and already the lady is making life in our women shelter home a little difficult infact we had to get the lady cops from Calangute police station to visit our Home at 6pm which they obliged.
What could have been done one month back ay IPHB will be done tomorrow. 
PLEASE SAY ONE SMALL PRAYER THAT THE CONSULTANT DOCTOR @ IPHB tomorrow admits this red saree lady else there will be major issues and we night Even have to send her back to the streets, as she is beyond our control.
Its a real difficult issue that both POLICE & OUR NGO faces at times IN IPHB to admitt such highly chronic people suffering from mental disabilities.
Police at time just don't feel or don't get the time to go through the process of getting the MAGISTRATE ORDER due to this process being an 6 to 8 hours ordeal and 1 car and 4 staff are required .
Some times DOCTOR consultants at IPHB refuse to even listen to our requests to admitt such chronic cases even though they know that these cases require admission and treatment before admitting into our homes. 
The LAWS are such that without either using political pressure, begging at the CONSULTANT DOCTORS or even at times getting upset and loosing my cool, these admissions are not happening.
We have been hearing this Lady SILENT CRIES on the STREETS last 1 month and quite often I would check with the Panjim cops or I would send our team afternoon time for a round to see if we could find her.
I don't give up that easily as each life counts and these type of people are badly in need of help and a permanent shelter as medications is life long.
She is totally under nourished and under weight with all her troubles on her mind.
God only knows how much of trouble she must have gone through over the last few years, the pains of being a widow, being rejected, lonely, abused and unwanted. 
But thats all the past as she will now be treated,  medicine will be administered and she will be rehabilitated in a home with other ladies for company with food clothing & shelter. 
And this services are all free for the poorest of the poor and the homeless people suffering from mental disabilities. 
Please do support us as we take in more and more of such abandoned homeless goan people daily .
God bless you so much