8.4.2023. 11am IST
WELCOMING THE HOMELESS , is being with those who are simply created to be with us “
We are almost towards the end of this LENTEN SEASON 
Lent is a PROVIDENTIAL opportunity for fostering the spiritual detachment from riches necessary if we are to open ourselves to God.
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA Goa reaches out to 30 homeless people and poor people during this lenten season & we Welcomed most of them into our shelter homes.
These 30 are  suffering with mental disabilities & physical disabilities and most were provided rehabilitation as well as a few we got  them admitted into government hospitals, few are in hospital awaiting their paperwork and once treated then will be admitted in the shelter homes 
As we commenced 40 days of Lenten Season , we @ Street Providence had decided to take in 40 homeless ladies during these lenten period .
We managed to take in 9 ladies whose SILENT CRIES WE HEARD  but took in  20 men.
Of the 9 ladies we took in :
 》6 are Goan 
》1 is from Andhra
》1 is from Maharashtra 
》1 is from karnataka 
Of the 20 men we took in :
》10 are goan
》2 are gujaratis 
》1 is Punjabi 
》1 Is from UP
》5 are from Karnataka 
》1 is Maharashtrian 
Of which :
☆ 1 Goan man went away as he wants to drink 
☆ 1 Kanada man went away as he got a job 
☆ 1 Maharashtrian man ran away.
♡♡♡ We thank a huge no of BENEFACTORS who during these entire LENT season donated generously to all our requests made through various social media platforms.
We are committed to working with the homeless and the poor goans suffering from mental disabilities in Goa.
So many genuine requests are coming for help & rehabilitation and all our homes are full yet we are committed to taking in many more and we are starting atleast 2 more ladies shelter homes this Easter season in Goa.
Being poor , abandoned,  homeless, Ia widow,  divorced women, and club this with mental or physical disabilities is not easy for any man or woman living on the streets. 
It's. Cruel and tough life out there .
Your support through your prayers, wishes, donations or just forwarding our messages to friends and family makes a huge impact in our working for the homeless. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848