22.3.2023. 10am IST
11 Goa Police stations accept close to 50000 kgs of food to feed the hungry in Goa in 1 year.
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA thanks Goa Police as a department for opening up their premises and allowing food bank fridges to be installed in their stations so that excess food can be deposited in these fridge to feed the poor.
February 2022 to January 2023 we have installed fridges at 11 Police Station in Goa.
We also have 14 fridges in other places to accept food .
And during these last 12 months all these 11 Police stations have got close to 50 tonnes or 50000 kgs of good food saved which otherwise would have been wasted and thrown out.
We have fridges installed at these stations 
☆ North Goa :
Calangute, Panjim , Mapusa , Anjuna 

☆ South Goa :
Colva , Margao , Fatorda , Cuncolim , Sanguem & Quepem , Verna.
The best performing police stations for accepting extra cooked food daily is :
Panjim & Mapusa 
Both being big cities and togther these two fridges daily give us an average of 70 to 100 kgs.
Running shelter Homes for the homeless is not a easy task as Food costs are huge and expensive.
The Food bank fridges was a good way to bring down the costs of food for the rehabilitation homes we run and that's how our NGO has managed to sustain the shelter homes last 5 years.
If you Google, Food bank fridges in police stations in India , you will only find the answer GOA.
Today the police personnel at these 11 police stations can use these fridges to also store their water bottles and have cool chilled water during the summer days.
Our NGO has always worked closely with the Goa Police in accepting homeless people 24*7 last 5 years and its that goodwill generated that you will find FOOD BANK FRIDGES in POLICE STATIONS only in Goa.
We will be now taking this CONCEPT across other states of India as we are starting shelter homes for the homeless & persons witn disabilities in many states for the poorest of the poor.
Prior to these food bank fridges being installed in Police Stations,  we had installed Free water purifiers in all the 25 police stations as a small gesture to the welfare of the police Personal as well as the public who visit the stations.
And i were criticized and ridiculed.
And i took this criticism positively as I had a long term plan for the homeless In Goa.
Over the last few years, we have given away 
》 5 second hand air conditioners , 3 new Photo copying machines,  6 new printers , and many other items for the welfare of the police stations and the police personnel say total costing on the whole Rs 3 lacs.
In one police station we even got our homeless men to build and renovate toilets for the police.
Today just calculate for a year how these same Goa Police contributed back to our NGO :
◇ 50000 kgs food @ rs 200 kg = Rs 10000000
Rs 1 crore.
Daily to feed 1 person in the shelter home costs minimum rs 150 per day.
On an average last year we had 150 inmates.
To feed these 150 inmates this is the cost:
◇ 150 nos *rs 150 *30 days *12 months = Rs 8200000 ( Rs 81 lacs )
Plus the daily extra cooked good food which is collected in all fridges after we send to our homes is given away to feed the homeless In other parts of Goa.
But inspite of that good rapport we have with the Goa Police , yet I am disappointed with the homeless issues going on the streets of Goa and the Goa Police needs to be more supportive towards getting these homeless off the streets and to our shelter homes.
Once again I thank Goa Police as a Department for supporting our NGO especially by allowing food bank fridges to be installed in their premises.
The most wonderful part of this food fridges in police stations is this :
1st fridge installed in Quepem Police Station 
Till date hardly any food deposited here.
I am yet to personally meet Mr Pednekar , the PI,
But because of this fridge other fridges were set up .
If you have extra food please pack it up in food grade plastic bags or silver foils and drop it in the fridges at the police stations.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848