20.3.23. 6pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA accepts today another poor & lonely unmarried Goan man suffering for the last 30 years with severe mental disabilities.
Infact his IPHB registration no is 18000 odd  which indicates he is a long time patient taking psychiatric medication.
The man in the picture attached Is approx 50 years old and from the age of 12 to 14 he has been diagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA & other other complicated mental issues. 
Educated just 4th standard .
All these 35+ years his mother was taking care of him and last few months she expired due to old age.
He has another sister in the house also suffering from mental disabilities and two other sisters who are senior citizen & married.
Both sisters are having children and their husband's are aged and they are getting sick themselves which makes life difficult for all.
The man is aggressive and abusive by nature as he does not take his medication and his food intake is very less and erratic. 
Quite often he is hit , made fun off , insulted and humiliated by his fellow villagers as he can't talk clearly due to his disabilities.
With all this troubles and hurts he justs gets very angry with the world and walks away for days making his sisters search high and low for him.
In such scenario what would any family do ?
Either just live with the stress till death, ignore the brother who is uncontrollable or find a shelter home which will accommodate him.
That's what STREET PROVIDENCE is about.
At times we are aware of such goans missing and these are usually those who are persons with mental disabilities and keep walking away as that's one of the symptoms of a mental sickness.
And at times families are so stressed that they just can't do much to stop this walking issue.
We take in such poor goan people with severe mental disabilities before they just disappear walking and end up in another state in some shelter Home or are usually found dead .
Homelessness is increasing  due to rise in cases of  MENTAL DISABILITIES & we at STREET PROVIDENCE are working on a reverse model of taking in such extreme cases of mental disabilities before they reach the streets which can further deteriorate ones mental health. 
During this season of LENT , ie in the last 30 days, we have taken in 17 such homeless people & goans suffering from severe mental disabilities into our homes.
Everyday we are flooded with requests for help & rehabilitation and we usually reply and attempt to rehabilitate provided the paperwork is in order.
Not an easy service of taking care of so many homeless and poor goan people with mental disabilities both ladies & gents. 
We daily require to raise resources to meet the expenses as admissions are non stop and lined up in the coming days .
You can also support our work through your donations as 90% of our homeless street people in all our 8 shelter homes numbering close to 165+ are provided FREE FOOD CLOTHING & MEDICATION of which 125+ are on pchystric medication.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564/ 7020314848