19.3.2023. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS the SILENT CRIES of this POOR Goan lady suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA & we take her into our women shelter home.
And that means permanently this goan lady is my responsibility till i am alive or till the shelter homes are operational.
Why permanently  ? Read on .
The lady aged 42 approx  has been suffering from chronic PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA and is un married from rural part of Salcete .
All these years her late mother had been looking after her till her death a few months back .
Now her only living sibling is her widow sister who herself is suffering from physical disabilities with just one EYE , without a job and no children.
So her sister has to look after herself by going to work daily as a daily wage worker and that too if she gets work. 
To top it all this lady suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA walks away if left alone so she is locked up in the house and then she starts shouting if locked up and if not locked up starts walking away endlessly. 
This is the 2nd such admission of PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA among ladies we are caring for.
Not easy to handle ladies suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA but we are doing the best we can to help our poor goan people before they reach the streets and are fully put of control with mental disabilities. 
For those who don't understand how homelessness is increasing please read the post again. 
Many many such cases popping up and out of frustration and desperation family members just give up on their own blood members as its next to impossible to look after one self forget the sibling with mental disabilities especially if you are poor and lonely. 
Poverty and mental disabilities is like a curse to such poor families and no one helps or can help except SHELTER homes for Free as its impossible for this family to pay rs 30000 fees charged by homes which are in Goa.
Once this PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA lady reaches the streets or just walks away, chances are there she might be exploited by unscrupulous elements and then pregnancy issues and more problems on hand to sort out.
In this SEASON OF LENT we have decided  to get help to another 40 ladies out there CRYING SILENTLY  by rehabilitating them in our ladies shelter homes and we are working towards this goal. 
You too can play your part in this LENTEN SEASON by recommending such poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities and those homeless living on the streets of Goa and getting them to our shelter homes with the required paper work.
You can also support our work through your donations as 90% of our homeless street people in all our 8 shelter homes numbering close to 165+ are provided FREE FOOD CLOTHING & MEDICATION of which 125+ are on pchystric medication. 
This Goan lady can be adopted by you incase you can foot her monthly bills as its a Sad and poor case of being born in poverty with severe mental disabilities @ 42 years and with just one sister who herself is a widow with one eye and no job and fixed source of income.
We provide you income tax exemption under SECTION 80G On your donations 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848