7.3.2023. 7pm IST
Sarpanch of Chinchinim & panch members get togther and gets off from the bus stop one Goan senior citizen man who has been staying for some years with all his belongings including a bed and mattress at this bus stop, into our shelter home. 
The man is from the village but has some issues and was seen residing at the bus stop for months if not years and its very strange no one took time to stop and help him .
10 days back ie last Sunday, I was asked to help.
PI Of Cuncolim was contacted and togther with the panchayat members the man was admitted into district hospital margao for stability and care.
Yesterday we accepted him into our shelter home with all the required paperwork completed due to the inntiniative of the Sarpanch of Chinchinim and the panch members.
》 The Inspector of Cuncolim gave his letter,
》MLA of Velim gave his recommendations,
》Sarpanch of Chinchinim gave his letter &
》The Parish priest gave his letter
Why all these letters ?
Well tomorrow if some relative pops up and files some missing case or kidnapping case saying you have confined my brother in your ngo then what ?
When on the streets the family is not bothered.
Parish priest letter was taken so incase he dies 
( this man is Catholic) in our home in the future , funeral can be done in the church otherwise we have had issues in the past for burial as burial was refused as no one knew the person in particular.
MLA & Sarpanch letter is required as these elected representatives need to know where their voters are cared for and how they can play their part in the future in case of any medical issues arising as the NGO at tines can't foot all the bills at hospitals. 
POLICE INSPECTOR letter is required as tomorrow any accusation like kidnapping, human rights violation etc can be put on the shelter home. 
Today people are UNGRATEFUL towards shelter homes service towards their own relatives dumped on streets and bus stops.
Paper work is very important and I am sure the Sarpanch & his panch members must be grumbling under their breath at the way we made them get all these documents ready before the man was admitted.
We as a Society are heading towards difficult times regarding the homeless and people with disabilites on the streets and NO GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT in GOA is having any CLUE / IDEA / PLAN to address this increasing trend of homeless Goans on the streets. 
It's a good sign and I feel happy that THE SARPANCH & panch members literally got behind  me to get help to this goan homeless man and I made them follow the procedure from their end so that they understand the difficulties involved in rehabilitating such homeless goan people .
Today we are running a losing battle against homelessness on the streets of Goa .
All , I repeat all government departments are just pretending that they are unaware of our own goans on the streets requiring help and no one is attempting to address these issues. 
☆ The Ministers 
☆ The Secretaries
☆ The Directior of the departments 
☆ Even the employees of various government departments, etc 
are least bothered about the homeless issue in Goa right at this moment concerning the Goans.
To top it all there are no government designated shelter homes and small NGOs like Street Providence is doing the work of the Social Welfare & Women and Child Department in providing shelter and care for free. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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