7.3.2023. 8 pm IST 
 We @ STREET PROVIDENCE have been celebrating WOMEN's DAY in a different manner for the last 4 years , which actually has impacted in practicality numerous poor goan homeless women suffering from disabilities & we have heard THEIR SILENT CRIES. 
We have opened 4 FREE shelter homes in 4 years in Goa for homeless and poor goan woman suffering from mental disabilities, CRYING SILENTLY and more such homes are planned but the funding either from Women & Child Department or CSR funding is not reaching our 
We have 2 excel sheet & 2 collage of over 40+ such homeless women & women with mental disabilities CRYING SILENTLY last 4 years and we stand with their cries and don't only show SYMPATHY but we PHYSICALLY care and WIPE THEIR TEARS on a daily basis.
Infact OUR NGO celebrates WOMEN's DAY practically EVERYDAY.
Please go through the excel sheet slowly and understand the numerous mental sickness that people usually suffer from.
The hair on your hand has to stand once you read the excel sheet along with this post. 
The EXCEL SHEET will enlighten you what deadly combination of mental disabilities women are suffering from at the same time and how today our NGO has a FULL WARD equivalent to any Government psychiatric institute, but we @ Street Providence are providing free service without any funding from Women & Child Department or social welfare department. 
Only one women home has been given the grant for the year 19-20 , 20-21, 22-23.
21-22 grant not yet given for this one Home. 
And we have 4 such homes.
Last many years I am rattling my brains understanding how celebrations for different functions are really having any meaning and direct impact on the topic chosen for that particular function?
After going through the pictures of the woman in our homes which are numbered and the corresponding excel sheet which are also numbered which will tell you the serous nature of their mental disabilities,Please decide if you can sponsor one such lady for a year on a monthly basis. 
These ladies can be some ones mother,  daugher , sister,  aunt , relative etc 
And we have all age groups in this excel sheet
This ladies are not looking for jobs in your homes as maids or care takers so please don't even think of asking .
80% of the women in our homes are GOANS which is the worrying and disturbing factor and the nos. are rising and we are the only NGO hearing their SILENT CRIES & doing the best we can to take them into the homes. 
We need your help till THE NEXT WOMEN's DAY so that the actually meaning and true sense of the women's day percolates down to this last & neglected section of the society  & after one year you can proudly put your collar up and feel the true meaning of WOMEN's DAY. 
All donations qualify for INCOME TAX EXEMPTION UNDER section 80G
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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