2.3.2023. 7pm IST
Silent cries of this senior citizen , ( Punjabi by birth) aged 73 years, homeless man living @ porvorim bus stop last 1 year,  opp Delfino super market on the NH 17 caught the eyes and hearts of two senior citizen Goan  men from the same locality resulting in the homeless man getting off the streets yesterday morning.
Mr Goldy as he calls himself was picked up by our NGO in early 2019 and was cared for till early 2020.
During the lockdown he left our home as he was getting frustrated after being dexotified for alcohol and that urge to drink grew which made him leave the home.
Attached a few pictures.
Link attached of the rescue 👇
Entire 3 years right from Mar 2020 till date he has been living and sleeping on the streets and for over 1 year he has been living on the bus stop on the NH 17 porvorim.
Quite a few people called me asking to rehab him but some how things did not connect. 
These two Goan gentlemen from the same locality Mr Trevor Pereira  took a lot of trouble calling me regularly as well as convincing Goldy to get off the streets in the last month.
He was supported by Christopher 
I went myself to get Goldy of the bus stop  along with Our manager Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar and the Dysp @ Porvorim SDPO Mr Vishwesh Karpe too was present with his cops and we got the old senior citizen Mr Goldy off the streets .
Weak , old, tired,  malnourised,  unclean,  Smelling from no bath and unclean clothes with slight symptoms of mental disabilities. 
I asked him why did he not come back to our home?
His reply was ” I made a mistake and could not take the courage to face you “.
So many people stop at the signal including the local MLA. Sarpanch and panch members and other ministers and politicians but all ignored him and that includes me also .
I tried twice about 6 months back talking to him but he just pretended he did not revognise me so I too took offense at his attitude and moved on.
Speaks fluent English and has a big attitude is how Goldy can be described.
We all citizens including the Goa Police should attempt to reach out to such homeless people and see how best they can be helped to a rehabilitation Home. 
We feel satisfied to have got this senior citizen ay the bus stop at Porvorim off the streets and into a shelter home .
Practically everyday we are on the ground doing the little we can day & night 24*7 to bring that smile on the people who are CRYING SILENTLY.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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