1.3.2023 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA last 3 months has been going through many many serious issues concerning rehabilitation programs in Goa.
But there is something called MIRACLES .
☆☆ And this is MIRACLE NO 1.
As we don't own any property all our shelter homes are rented and dealing with landlords is at times beyond my patience.
About 3 months back it looked from my view that it's time to shut 4 homes as we just could not manage the landlords.
Homes were put on notice with immediate effect.
Inmates were moved out to other running homes and there was many thoughts going through my mind.
Most will remember the Margao shelter home episode a few years back. 
I was under too much pressure.
But I did not want to create any unwanted situations but I told GOD ” its your problem you solve it , I am just doing my little service & these are your people from the streets “.
Entire December 22 & January 23 , we stopped taking admissions from the streets as we just did not have space because I have decided to close some Homes so why take more people.
Quite often due to jealousy or back bitting, public or people close to the landlords instigate unwanted details against us.
Basically all just YAP but totally empty to get down to the ground to help the homeless.
I was holding my EGO & adamant that I will not compromise my feelings while the landlords had their own doubts about the issues which reached their ears and minds. 
We were getting too many requests to take in homeless and we just went on giving excuses.
Along with this one issue of landlords there were other two major issues and these 3 problems put togther could have been a good time to pack up the REHABILITATION PROGRAM & go.
But something was telling me GOD HAS BETTER PLANS , hold on don't give up.
I knew I was in a STORM and if I fight the STORM I would drown and die so the best was to move along and navigate the STORM till THAT CALM WEATHER comes along. 
Work went on as usual with the existing homeless in our Homes and on 19 th Dec 2022 our NGO was declared as the BEST NGO in Goa.
And no one except my wife knew the pressure I was going through.
Our NGO was planning to launch a book of our work in the last 5 years in December 22 and we approached Bosco George IPS @ Goa Police to write the fireword which he consented.
Cardinal , Rev Fr Filipe Neri Ferrao on 12.12.22 also sent his message for the book which really boosted my spirits.
Attached that letter with this post. 
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas from Ranchi Diocese too gave his message for the book.
That was a relief that God had better plans for our NGO but my landlords issue was not reaching any conclusions and I am in that STORM.
Numerous programs and projects were planned and executed during these turbulent 3 months including a trip to the most difficult part of India to set up shelter Homes for the homeless with disabilites which should start 1st April 2023.
By mid February 2023 the landlords understood the frustrations I was going through and I now knew that THE STORM HAD SUBSIDED & THE CALM HAS STARTED.
Hence on Ash Wednesday we released our poster that during the 40 days of LENT, our NGO is attempting to take in 40 homeless people CRYING SILENTLY especially the women .
Well in the 7 days of LENT , we have taken in 9 people ie 2 ladies & 7 men suffering from mental disabilities & from the streets who are homeless.
All our Homes are back to normal and GOD has worked in his ways inspiring the landlords to sort out all issues as we all work for the Glory of God and not for the individual collar .
This is nothing short of a MIRACLE from which I have learnt how to fight STORMS without losing my peace of mind and trusting God to fight my battles. 
The MIRACLE NO 2 & 3 I will share in a few days from now.
God has to fight my battles as these homeless people are not related to me and franky speaking I AM THE LEAST QUALIFIED PERSON WITH THE MOST MINIMUM PATIENCE working towards the REHABILITATION OF THE HOMELESS WITH DISABILITIES. 
Those who read this entire post and those who know me and my work will surely understand what I just wrote. 
Its the most difficult service to look after homeless people suffering from Disabilities and that too FREE OF COST with numerous STORMS daily hitting me .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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