28.2.2023. 7pn IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA @ our rehabilitation homes take utmost care of the medical conditions of all the inmates. 
Daily there are hospital trips either to the District Hospitals or GMC or IPHB in 4 wheelers only. 
Also daily in North Goa every morning Physiotherapy sessions @ our Clinic at Sangolda. 
All these services require transport and vehicle. 
Today from 4 homes, we had 6 inmates going to hospitals, in 4 different vehicles and 6 inmates were brought for Physiotherapy from 2 homes and taken back to the Homes in 4 wheelers. 
And all these 12people are GOANS & abandoned and homeless. 
☆ Patient 1
Goan boy on psychiatric medication developed some skin disease from Assnora home 
☆ Patient 2
Goan boy, wheel chair bound, alcoholic , on a caterer and screwing up the care givers life, plus on psychiatric medication from assnora home. 
☆Patient 3
Goan senior citizen homeless man , spitting blood , alcoholic, taken from quepem home to TB hospital panjim 
☆ Patient no 4
Goan homeless lady , on psychiatric medication brought from Cavelossim women Home to IPHB Bambolim 
☆ Patient no 5 
Goan 70 years old lady abandoned by her only son , taken to District Hospital Mapusa for severe pain in her knees 
☆ Patient no 6
Goan married, abandoned by her husband,  highly dangerous and suffering from severe psychiatric issues taken to IPHB. 
Plus the inmates for Physiotherapy are brought from the Assnora home and Guirim home. 
Moving so many people on one day up and down is not an easy job and requires planning and 
co ordination plus extra man power to  accompany the patients as they can't be entrusted alone or at times they require assistance in hospitals. 
Full day at times gets over running around these hospital trips and half day goes in the Physiotherapy sessions. 
And this happens everyday except Sunday. 
Just imagine the no of Goans turning homeless & abandoned with psychiatric issues. 
And its rising slowly but silently and no one is focused on this sector as caring for mental disabilities is the most difficult services to handle. 
That's why one will rarely see advertisements for homes for people with mental & physical disabilities. 
Running around and caring both for their physical needs and medical issues are time consuming and very STRESSFUL Always . 
Most of the homes are far away from the Hospitals and transportation is only by 4 wheelers with attendants. 
I always insist to the staff ” treat each and every person in our homes as our own family members and see that the get the best medical facilities as they are suffering from disabilities and they are helpless in life and depending on us for help and treatment “. 
But it's a service we provide 24*7 , last 5 years inspite of various obstacles we face . 
Your support is welcome in any way. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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