22.2.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS THE SILENT CRY of this goan woman suffering from mental disabilities from Cumbarjua constituency and admits her today into our rehabilitation Home.
Poor family background,
2 unmarried elder brothers expired due 2 alcohol,
One sister married in Pune, has in laws 
aged 80+, stays in a 1BHK with her husband and their married son & both her in laws,
Girl studied only 5th std.
In Such a scenario it's impossible for the married sister to take her younger sister to her flat at Pune.
So then what?
Who is responsible for this young goan lady?
◇ State Government ?
◇ Social Welfare Department ?
◇ Proverdoria ?
◇ Local MLA ?
◇ Relatives ?
◇ Neighbors ?
◇ Shelter homes ?
Taking psychiatric medications for 15 years but last 1 year after her bro death, no one to give her medication and care for her .
Her cousin brother has been helping her but then he too has small children and goes to work. 
This goan girl wanders around and once off medication looses her nerves and starts fighting and getting aggressive. 
Suffers from bi- polar plus other mental disabilities .
Has been admitted into IPHB quite a few times but that does not solve the actual problem as once discharged from IPHB same story starts again .
From her childhood due to extreme poverty, a lot of fun and taunts were thrown on her making her feel unloved and unwanted in society resulting in low confidence & self esteem with no desire to study in school. 
Lack of education , coupled with exteme poverty, death of the father in her teen age , alcoholic brothers, no love and care from society. 
This is a receipe for MENTAL DISABILITIES and depression and these SILENT CRIES are coming daily from MANY MANY Goan ladies across Goa especially in Villages.
This is a life long admission and even if I want her to go away after a few months , who will accept her ?
Like this Goan lady CRYING SILENTLY,  we are currently caring for 46 such ladies of which 36 are Goan ladies and of these 36 Goan ladies 32 ladies are absolutely having no one to look after them or no one to Call a FAMILY.
I have alot of these 160+ people to look after for the rest of their life and its a HUGE HUGE RESPONSIBILITY & Commitment.
Today I can say more than 100+ such Goan ladies are CRYING SILENTLY and no woman activists or woman Social workers are raising these issues on social media and trying to find permanent shelter for such woman 
And in the coming months these 100+ Goan ladies Crying silently will increase leaps & bounds.
Its THE SEASON OF LENT & we @ Street Providence are committed to provide free rehabilitation and accept another 40 more such Goan poor ladies CRYING SILENTLY. 
But we need your support through your donations as very soon we will be housing 200 such poor homeless people both men & women who 70% are goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Let's make this LENTEN season a reason to bring a smile on that poor goan lady face or the homeless woman on the streets who has been silently crying due to poverty, sickness especially mental disabilities, loneliness, discrimination, abandoned due to not being able to bear a child , old aged,  etc. 
We can together turn THEIR CRIES into SMILES .
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848