23.2.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS the SILENT CRIES of this 70+ years old goan lady married but abandoned by her late husband many years back from Cuncolim due to not being able to bear a child .
This 70+ year old Goan lady was thrown out / left her husband Home many years back when her husband was alive as he used to harass her and hit & torture her due to not being able to bear a child. 
For many years was staying alone on rent in cuncolim and was not allowed to enter the ancestral home. 
A years back she started staying with her married sister & her sister husbad in Curchorem who is also old like her and they both are sick and unwell .
The sister & husband  too has no children and they are afraid that anything happens to them than there will be more issues hence they approached our team for full time rehabilitation.
Mr Akash Pednekar our volunteer from our QUEPEM home has taken alot of trouble in understanding this lady problem and hearing her SILENT CRIES.
With all the rejection and torture and loneliness  she has gone through, this Goan lady has turned a bit psychiatric and just a two days ago we took her into our home and same day got her assessed at IPHB as its been years she has not taken her medication.
Even as I write this post , she is PHYSICALLY CRYING as she wants her sister but the sister can't look after her anymore. 
These are SILENT CRIES which we hear @ our NGO & the only solution we have is full time rehabilitation till they are alive. 
No one is listening and having a plan to these CRIES OF OUR OWN LOCAL POOR GOAN WOMAN even at village level .
Not sure if the Government has a plan for tacking these rising SILENT CRIES of Our POOR GOAN LADIES suffering from mental disabilities.
More focus needs to be shown on this particular sector of THE SILENT CRIES OF POOR GOAN WOMAN & HOMELESS WOMAN.
Such services are full time and takes alot of hospital trips , medication , human touch, care givers to be motivated all the time,  nutrition, etc 
And mind you, our NGO provides all this FREE of cost depending only on The Grace of God ie  through Public donations & Government grants.
Its THE SEASON OF LENT & we @ Street Providence are committed to provide free rehabilitation and accept another 40 more such Goan poor ladies CRYING SILENTLY. 
But we need your support through your donations as very soon we will be housing 200 such poor homeless people both men & women who 70% are goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Let's make this LENTEN season a reason to bring a smile on that poor goan lady face or the homeless woman on the streets who has been silently crying due to poverty, sickness especially mental disabilities, loneliness, discrimination, abandoned due to not being able to bear a child , old aged,  etc. 
We can together turn THEIR CRIES into SMILES .
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848