14.2.2023. 7 PM IST 
I received a call  from the SBI  manger  incharge of CSR funding and the caller says ” I want to give away a donation under CSR “.
Before i can even say ” OK ” , he says ”  it's for a primary health centre, please recommend “.
The irony is that  I am running shelter Homes and in need of monetary help and this gentleman  is asking me to recommend a PHC to be a recipient of their CSR funding.
CSR funding from SBI is not small change and no hanky panky and time wasting .
Highly professional and quick service. 
Well our association with SBI Bank started last year when the bank under CSR activities donated a full fledged Ambulance worth more than 14 lacs to our NGO.
Mr Kamat is the CSR manager and quite often we keep in touch for many topics. 
So the day I was asked to recommend a PHC my 1st suggestion was PHC @ Casarvarnem. 
How many know or heard of this place ?
Mr Kamat insisted on 3 names and I insisted on only this name .
Within two hour flat,  Mr Kamat called and Said 
” Thank you “.
I asked him ” what happened “.
He was emotional and Said ” Your recommendation fits the bill under CSR , this PHC urgently requires support for the service of the society “.
Within 10 days, SBI got everything organized and the function was planned for 13.2.2023.
On 12.2.2023, Mr Kamat called me early morning inviting me for their SBI CSR function which did not make sense to me .
I mean SBI is a giant giving away their CSR funds and I am a small speck in front of SBI .
Usually no one will share their stage with others that too on a CSR function.
It turned out that Senoir SBI officials requested Mr Kamat to invite me for their function.
But when I attended,  I Understood that every one was emotional ie SBI officials, Dr Damodar the Doctor in charge of this PHC & myself.
You can actually see the difference  between rural infrastructure v/s city/ urban infrastructure. 
Usually no one goes to the most rural areas to address such issues and what SBI did was worth writing about so that incase any other institution wishes to give away funds under CSR, they can always get in touch with me for recommendations as my service with the homeless takes me to the remotest and most in need of help locations.
Infact Dr Damodar almost held back his tears and was thankful for the recommendation which resulted in the PHC receiving from SBI  electrical,  medical and other equipment worth lacs of Rupees  which was urgently needed for use  at this PHC .
This must be the  oldest and  remotest PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE and Dr Damodar travels daily from Porvorim to this PHC .
This PHC needs additional  help and upgradation ASAP.
I feel humbled that  Shri. Arvind Kumar Singh, Chief General Manager,  Maharashtra Circle & 
Shri. Bikash Basumatary,  Deputy General Manager, Goa & other  senior officials from SBI requested my presence at their CSR function and they even gifted me a nice gift and allowed me to speak at their function besides inviting me to be on the dias.
Our work with the homeless and street people takes me across the entire Goa and I know all the health Centres and Police Stations across Goa .
Very often our NGO addresses small issues at the above places and we do the best we can to donate what we can to make things easy for these government officials running these departments. 
And subsequently I am condemned or riducled. But this does not matter,as I know the benefit we get from these two departments in the rehabilitation of the homeless street people. 
But this CSR grant  @ Casarvarnem PHC is huge and I am proud that my suggestion to a bank like SBI was accepted,  implemented and was worth every penny spent. 
Attached a few pictures of the event. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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