13.2.2023. 7pm IST
In our last 5 years of rehabilitation, we have taken this irritating and one of the most stubborn man, 4 times into our shelter home from the streets. 
Raju Das is a chronic alcoholic man with severe wounds on leg and suffering from slight mental disabilities. 
From 2019 we have been taking care of him and once better he leaves the shelter goes back to Calangute, begs, drinks , falls on the streets and as usual Mr Suddesh Mayekar picks him up and requests us to help. 
Attached 2 small videos 👇👇
Usually once a person leaves our home we avoid taking them back.
Each time he enters our home for rehab his medical condition is worse than what is was the previous time .
On 27.4.22 we took him in for the 4th time and his foot was Smelling with worms and all flesh in bad state. 
Could not stand, walk or even use the washroom. Totally bent and using a walking stick.
Picture attached. 
His full lower part was very stiff and he would crawl on his buttocks. 
Totally arrogant, stubborn, rude and uncooperative.
Physiotherapy was the only solution but then how do we get a 6 .6 ft tall man who cant even stand from our Assnora home to our physio centre at Sangolda ?
To compound the care givers troubles he would purposely urinate etc just to irritate us .
Many times we had to use strong arm tactics to use the washroom as it was a nightmare. 
Taking him to hospitals for dressings , IPHB for assessment and to the Physiotherapy 3 times a week was very difficult and stressful for all in the shelter home. 
But we had to make him stand and walk come what may including strong arm tactics otherwise no care giver was going to clean him every day non stop .
All our efforts and tough ways finally paid dividends .
RAJU started exercising after the physio session and the Physiotherapist did a wonderful job treating him .
Since he was getting better we shifted Raju to our shelter home cum Physiotherapy centre which is in house at Cavelossim and today 
RAJU DAS  is walking upright fit and fine .
The billion$ question is how long will he stay?
I am definitely never ever going to take him back incase he leaves the shelter home. 
I had enough of this crap and it's not easy for any of us be it the manager, the caregivers,  the drivers or the other inmates in the home to live with such terrible person who takes pride in drinking,  falling down, getting all wounds and then asking for help but once in the home refuses to follow rules and regulations. 
He just refuses to be clean and tidy  
Even to have a bath we have to use strong arm tactics .
With today's count at 160 plus ➕️ and nos rising its very difficult. 
Plus if something goes wrong in the shelter home due to his stubbornness then NGO gets a bad name. 
For those reading this post , physiotherapy is the only solution for chronic alcoholic cases who have drank so much that all their muscles and flesh has withered away and the joints are so stiff that they can only crawl to move around. 
No Physiotherapy centre  will entertain such terrible and horrible cases where patients legs are with wounds and that too for free or even at a discount fee .
We @ Street Providence handle daily many such difficult cases and most of these cases once recovered as a sign of gratitude stay back on mutual agreement to work in the home and care for the others. 
We too are human beings and our fellow care givers can't be pushed all the time.
We can help those who help themselves  
But Raju Das has crossed all limits.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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