11.2.2023. 7Pm IST
Rehabilitation @ Street Providence for the homeless people is a place where we care for people with mental & physical disabilities. 
The most difficult part in any shelter home for the people with Disabilities is their health & well being.
Our 3 Physiotherapy centre's takes care of the physical health of these homeless people suffering from physical disabilities. 
Attached a 2 mim video 👇👇
These 3 Physiotherapy centre's are at :
◇ 1. Sangolda
◇ 2. Cavelossim 
◇ 3. Quepem
We have 4 very good Physiotherapist at the above centre's.
And why do I say VERY GOOD .
Most of the homeless street people with physical disabilities come with wounds, broken limbs, no body presentation,  uncivilized in their habits, at times with slight skin infection, body odour , and various other issues which you and I may not be facing in our life .
And belive me , it's not easy day after day touching and dealing with them .
But these 3 lady Physiotherapist ie 
☆ 1. Miss Charmaine @ Sangolda 
☆ 2. Miss Raisa @ Cavelossim 
☆ 3. Mrs Oshin @ Quepem,
The 4th Physiotherapist is :.
☆ 1. Mr Ashton @ Sangolda ,
treat of them with complete care & compassion.
Its amazing how most of our homeless ladies & gents are improving leaps and bounds with Physiotherapy. 
♡♡♡ Street Providence is thankful to the Social Welfare Department,  Government of Goa for providing a grant to 2 of our Physiotherapy centre's ie Sangolda & Quepem.
Its a feeling of being supported by the Department that makes us take into our shelter home some of the most complicated cases of disabilites including stroke related people .
Our Sangolda center takes care of our inmates from our homes in the north:
☆ Guirim – 2  ladies homes 
☆ Calangute – 1 ladies home 
☆ Porvorim – 1 men's home 
☆ Assnora – 1 men's home 
Our Cavelossim centre takes care of our inmates from our  Homes in the south :
☆ Cavelossim – 1 men's home 
☆ Cavelossim  – 1 women's home 
☆ Our QUEPEM centre takes care of our inmates from the quepem home only .
It's with all humility I and my staff @ Street Providence thank Honourable Minister for Social Welfare,  Mr Subhash Faldesai for Innaugrating our Sangolda & Quepem Physiotherapy centre's and his Department for allocating two grants to 2 of our 3 Physiotherapy centre's. 
The entire department of Social Welfare, starting fron The Director,  asst Directors, officers, etc are very understanding & co operative in the entire last 6 months of we applying for the grants for the Physiotherapy centre's and seeing that the funds are given within the shortest possible time with the least amount of we running after the Department. 
With huge nos of old homeless people in our homes, it was necessary to have Physiotherapy sessions else the most of bed ridden people will rise quickly and its not possible to take in incapicated homeless. 
But these Physiotherapy centre's make everyone life comfortable and lively .
There is so much joy when we see how the homeless person say a few months/ year before was brought on a wheel chair/ stretcher but after Physiotherapy within say 6 to 9 months can stand, balance and walk with ease .
The short video will explain a little more .
Its these little moments of joy that make all of us @ Street Providence DREAM
WE DARE TO DREAM, that any homeless person with physical disabilities/ bed ridden or stroke related person, with Physiotherapy can and should walk again un aided.
Whatever I write looks easy and nice but belive me most of the homeless street people with physical disabilities when brought to the Sangolda Physiotherapy centre from our 5 north Goa homes have to lifted from the ambulance and Wheeled into the centre and then Wheeled out back to the ambulance. 
The Quepem & Cavelossim Physiotherapy centre's are inhouse centre's so the physical movement is very minimal.
We require your help in taking care of the Physiotherapist salaries as the Grant for the salary is Rs 10000 per month per centre which adds up to Rs 20000 from the Department but our combined monthly bill is Rs 60000.
We add Salt to the lives of these homeless people suffering from physical disabilities and bring them into the light once they complete their 6 to 9 months of Physiotherapy. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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