18.2.2023.  7 pm IST
Look Look Look what GOD has done in just 6 months to this Goan man , Mr Alfonso from Panjim who once was such a mess that even I refused to help him.
But you 1st must read our post on what happened to him 6 to 8 months back in the below link ūüĎáūüĎá
A horribly wrong case which started from Kuwait, to Gmc , to various police stations, to an old aged home in St estevam , to being on the streets of Margao, then district hospital margao & finally our shelter home last 6 months. 
We are avoiding showing you his foot when we took him into the shelter home as its not proper to view as it had blood , worms,  pus and flesh torn apart with dirty smell. 
Was on a wheelchair for over 2 months , could not control his bowels so was on a pamper, had to be cleant, bathed, cared for continously. 
Today Mr Alfonso has stabilised , his diabetics is totally under control, foot has stopped rotting and the smell & oozing FOOT  totally stopped, no more emergency night trips to hospitals.
Mr Alfonso drove Mr Akash Pednekar nuts for 3 months Aug, Sept, Oct as his whole foot was just not healing and his diabetics would jump up and down.
One day I drove to QUEPEM in frustration & gave him a sound and loud piece of my mind. 
His mind was totally disturbed as he was lost and was disappointed at trusting the wrong person over his family in KUWAIT .
Everyone before our NGO was just finding him a burden and that rejection and stress was driving his mind crazy resulting in his diabetics at times even going up to 500 + .
But after that shouting I had with him, where I had assured him that we will look after him  permanently no matter what is his physical state,  then only his mind was at peace .
Sometimes one loud shout with dire consequences and threats are needed to make such men get up from their slumber understanding that they either follow instructions or get lost .
Smooth talking and baby sitting at times don't work. 
He regretted leaving his wife & 2 children years back, he even agreed to sign all his papers in his wife favour and he that night asked God to forgive him for the stupidest thing he did by abandoning his family and his mother. 
The moment he let go and asked for forgiveness and was assured my me and my team that he will stay with us permanently, that healing and transformation started. 
Everything, belive me,  all his issues just started subsiding and things got back to normal. 
The complaints from Akash stopped , hospital trips at late night to control his diabetics stopped, the man who daily would dress that smells dirty wound stopped complaining, the oozing and pus subsided and life turned BEAUTIFUL for Mr ALFONSO and all who cared for him in our Quepem home .
Today he uses a sock on that leg as a precaution but that oozing FOOT is 90% better than what it was 6 months back. 
Adv Shailesh Gawas is the only person who saw him 8 months back when he made the video in the old aged home on St Estevam and later when Adv saw him end of Jan' 23' at a function  Adv Shailesh Gawas could not believe what he was seeing 1st hand.
Today Alfonso is incharge of daily medication to 33 men @ Quepem home and he does this service systematically and with commitment and love .
His mind is totally occupied with his responsibility that he last lost track of his pain, sickness, loneliness,  etc .
Mr Alfonso today understands that because of his ability to forgive whoever he has hurt & disappointed and ask for forgiveness, his life is a blessings to him and these 33 homeless men suffering from mental disabilities. 
No one ever will believe that this is the same ALFONSO who just 8 months back was such an idiot that no old aged home wanted to take in & even I refused initially to help. 
But God's ways are different.
God planned to get him to my home and today I have an extra hand only sorting , dispensing and providing daily psychiatric medications 3 times a day to 33 homeless street men suffering from severe mental disabilities. 
This is our CARNIVAL & our fun frolic & revellery where lost cases are today alive, kicking and active .
We thank God for enlightening Mr Alfonso to grab that life line and forgive and start life again @ the age of 60 years only which has made everyone life easy in our rehabilitation Home. 
WE DARE TO DREAM and get the job done with the Grace of God.
These types of cases are very expensive to treat and time consuming as visits to doctors and hospitals are never ending stories plus the medicines which are prescribed are to be bought. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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