7.2.2023. 7pm IST
Running shelter Homes for the homeless who mostly are suffering from mental disabilities & rehabilitating the people with mental disabilities is quite challenging and we are talking about 120+ patients in our homes.
We must be the biggest shelter home in Goa rehabilitating more than 120+ persons with mental & physical disabilities after IPHB.
90% are totally treated free of cost.
Initially it was difficult fitting the system but with a solid 5 years experience and fantastic team of caregivers and staff , & good support from IPHB & government hospitals,  we accept and take in all types of people suffering only from mental & physical disabilities. ( intellectual disabilities we are yet to venture into ).
Schizophrenia patients is one of the most common mental disabilities we have in our homes starting from mild, medium , severe & chronic symptoms. 
But few weeks back we were requested to take into our shelter homes a PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA lady. 
We accepted the request and today it's about 7 days that patient is in our home. 
Paranoid Schizophrenia with commanding hallucinations are one of the most dangerous form of Schizophrenia..
Symptoms :
☆ Easily offended 
☆ Find relationship difficult
☆ Believe in unfounded conspiracy theories
☆ Be hostile, aggressive & argumentative 
Not able to compromise 
Causes are unclear but theories include:
☆ Genes 
☆ Brain chemistry 
☆ Traumatic life events 
☆ Stress reaction 
☆ A combination of factors 
Diagnosis may include:
☆ Medical history 
☆ Physical examination 
☆ Assessment of symptoms 
☆ Physiological arears 
◇ Treatment
◇ Medication
◇ Therapy 
◇ Coping skills 
◇ Hospital admission.
Middle aged Goan lady. 
Our homes are more like family atmosphere and all inmates mix up with each other and live as a family and belive me the recovery or stability or improvement of all these patients in our homes are a welcoming sign .
Lady can get better but medication if missed will again disturb her recovery process.
Not easy to handle such PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA Cases but then finally she is a lady and she has a right to live a secure life without being harrassed on the streets or without being kept in the hospital. 
Nothing is impossible without trying. 
WE DARE TO DREAM & we take as a challenge such difficult cases to help more people with disabilites lead a peaceful life .
If we only take the easy cases , then life is not challenging. 
The program we run in rehabilitating the people with mental disabilities is giving us results and we are Today capable of even going up to rehabilitating another 100.
But the main issue is funds, manpower and homes.
Its getting very very difficult to raise resources but at the same time huge no of goans are in need of free care and rehabilitation failing which they are ending up on the streets and we keep calling them OUTSIDERS / GHANTI.
Today of the 160 + people we rehabilitate,  close to 90 + are goans ie 65 -70% which is a huge no and 90% are cared and treated without any single charge.
Families can't look after 1 person and here we are having close to 160 + and ready to accept another 100.
But we need your help through donations.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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