8.2.2023. 8pm IST 
Young goan homeless boy staying on a street / bus stop secures 67% in the 1st term SSC exams just declared today in Goa.
There is this young goan homeless boy studying currently in 10th std but till 10.11.22 was practically living on a street / bus stop with his unwell mother and attending school.
We took him & his mother into our shelter homes on 12.11.22  and the very next day was his 1st term 10th std exams .
This boy secured 67% in his 1st term SSC exams which was declared today which is only by The Grace of God and the boy's commitment to study and go ahead in life.
We had put out an appeal on 28.11.22 asking for donations to support this boy and we thank the benefactors who sent their donations. 
Attached that link of 28.11.22 with this post .
The boy when in 9th std was in another village school .
Middle  9th std and after the covid 19 , he joined this school and the teachers were not accustomed to him and being on the streets naturally he was not up to the mark. 
No friends, lonely, lost , untidy , not attentive in class, no motivation, basically unwanted by all but then he had to sit in a class and pass the day.
But today after this result, even his principal could not belive the results. 
Believe me I too never expected 67%.
This boy is picked up from the shelter home daily in the morning by a motorcycle pilot and dropped to school and then this same pilot drops him back to the shelter home. 
The shelter home and the school is 25 kms apart and there is no direct bus between the school and the shelter home .
We even tried admitting him in the nearby Schools surrounding the shelter homes but that did not work out due to many legal and technical issues concerning the education rules as its only 4 months more for the school to end and being in 10th std everything is already finalized by the education board. 
Since he was weak in 3 subjects we wanted him to go for tuitions and we approached through our local volunteers many tuition teachers.
Even the school principal tried to get a good tuition teacher for him .
But which tuition teacher will take in a weak student middle of the year and that too a weak and complicated student staying in a shelter home ?
God hears the cries of the poor and the weak. 
To this boy's blessings, our volunteers searched and persisted which got us a tuition teacher who agreed and showed compassion to this boy .
His weakness is Mathematics and if we can fix this subject , 75% is achievable once his final exam is over and the final marksheet is out.
This same motor cycle pilot drops him in the evening for tuitions and picks him up.
We thank The Local Pilot for all the punctuality and commitment in taking this boy daily up and down and that too dot on time &  also keeps an eye on this boy and reporting any untoward things such young student might do as a school boy .
Last 2 weeks I was asked many times when the results will be declared as my critics wanted to know whether the effort we are putting into this boy is worth the money.
I went through anxious moments. 
Believe me even if he had got 35 % I would be happy. 
But he secured 67 % which is all more satisfying and relieving to me 
Thanks to all the care givers and staff in that shelter Home for keeping an eye on him and motivating him.
We had to get him to study and pass , hook or by Crook as they were many waiting to find fault just because we asked for donation to fund this boy and he was sent to school on a pilot which these critics assumed was a luxury & utter stupidity.
Today he has a target set. 
75 % is what I want . Nothing less .
We DARE TO DREAM even in times of the worst and unimaginable situations and circumstances.
Last, non of us @ Street Providence including me did anything great nor did we do him a favour
We just are doing our SERVICE .
The boy is in our mens shelter home and his unwell mother is in the womem shelter home.
Mother is on psychiatric medication as well as suffering from a life threatening disease with no cure and I am determined to keep both of them together as long as I can .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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