4.2.2023. 7Pm. IST 
Once living on the streets,  this Goan lady who is married but abandoned by her husband and rejected by her own family , has the determination to go ahead and learn computers.
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There is a big increase in people losing their mind and reaching the streets in the last few years.
Well about 5 months back I received a call from a police station saying ” a goan lady has lost her mind and wandering around, please help “.
We responded and took her in and got her assessed at IPHB and started her treatment.
In the last 4 months good improvement.
From being disoriented when picked up to being back to normal is a big achievement for this goan lady. 
Suffered at the hands of her husband and rejected for being unable to bear children to being disowned by her own brother due to poverty to being unsure where she will sleep at night and where the next meal will come from.
All these troubles of a lonely woman on the streets will surely lead to mental disabilities.
But once in our home , that love & care of our caregivers and staff , coupled with Physiotherapy sessions to ease those pains and troubles, to warm food and a warm bed , to a warm bath daily and change of clothes daily coupled witn timely medications and daily activity in the home.
These all activities above will and have to bring change in any ladies life.
This particular lady is incharge of the kitchen and does her part well .
Quite by nature and responsive to all correction and suggestions.
One day I discussed with Sapnesh why not bring her to office and teach her basic office work.
She was taught how to use the printer and xerox machine which she picked up .
Now I am determined to teach her WORD & EXCEL on the computer.
Problem is her motivation levels are very low due to her being rejected and believes nothing good can come our of her .
But I know she can be taught and she will learn.
Imagine living on a street for years and now sitting on a chair in an office on a computer.
It's not easy for her.
But I am determined to get her taught computers by the office staff. 
The problem is we are 4 staff in the office and only 2 laptops & 1 desktop are available. 
And because she is brought to office, other ladies in our homes too are looking forward to learn computers.
It's just next to impossible to bring so many to office and teach them.
If you reading this post are having any old and usable laptops to give away then we will accept.
We can keep the laptops in the ladies home and get the care givers to teach them Word & excel.
I feel happy and satisfied just sitting and looking at the changes so many people with mental disabilities in our shelter homes are experiencing
It's not something you can buy or get just like that.
It's these homeless  people good wishes and prayers which add up to our spiritual account which makes us believe that we can go beyond our capacity.
If you know such goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities and living on the streets, please do reach out and see if they can be assessed at the IPHB hospital bambolim.
If they are really homeless we can attempt to try to rehabilitate them on case to case basis. 
We have mastered the art of rehabilitating people witn all sorts of mental and physical disabilities irrespective of their medical conditions.
It's not an easy service to provide caring for 
150 + people witn disabilities and at times the medications are not cheap.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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