2.2.2023. 7pm IST 
A Goan officer saves our NGO Rs 432000 a year by signing our application forms for acquiring an Adhar Card for the homeless people suffering from disabilities. 
The homeless with Disabilities at times are without any identity proof and the only recognized identity proof is an ADHAR CARD . 
At our function held on 30.1.2023 on the release of our book and the felicitation of Bosco George IPS on his retirement by the homeless, we had also invited Mr NOEL FERNANDES,  officer,  Dept of Planning & Statistics,  Porvorim who is also a person with physical disability. 
Who and why was he invited ? 
Well getting an identity document for the homeless with Disabilities is necessary but a big pain in the neck . 
Believe me two years back when I started to make the 1st adhar card for the homeless I almost ended up abusing the asst director in that office and I even tore up the forms and threw them in the dustbin in their office and walked out. 
That Asst Director just refused to understand and give me any sympathy to my plea . 
Later on the Asst Director ended up being our benefactor . 
This is the most complicated process with regards to getting an ADHAR CARD for any homeless : 
◇ 1. A form has to be filled systematically and properly ( which I never knew )
◇ 2. Then that form has to be signed by a gazette officer ( where will you get some one to sign a form of a homeless)
◇ 3. Then the homeless has to be taken to an Adhar centre for finger printing & eye identification process. 
◇ 4. Some phone no to be entered. 
◇ 5. At times the homeless can't  even put their fingers on the machine nor can they get their eyes scanned 
◇ 6. System hangs due to connectivity or these homeless people shake or fiddle around.
◇ 7. After few days the adhar card has to be downloaded
Believe me those two years back all this was a nightmare and we were experiencing the 1st wave of Covid 19. 
The worst set back was getting a GAZETTED officer to sign so many application forms of the homeless with Disabilities. 
But NOEL FERNANDES who is from SALIGAO stepped in and put his signature where it mattered the most . 
Listen to his 1 min video 👇👇
Rest of his speech can be heard on this link 👇
I knocked on many many gazette officers doors. 
All gave me big yarns and excuses. 
And I don't hold any hurts against those gazette officers. 
Today after two years of struggle and support from NOEL FERNANDES, we have managed to create new adhar cards for 70 such homeless people plus we were able to print out another 20 Adhar cards as these homeless were already registered in the system but due to living on the streets their documents were missing. 
Kindly note : we only make adhar cards of the homeless with Disabilities and not of the Beggars and drunkards who will run away from the homes after a few days of rehabilitation. 
With all these adhar cards generated we were able to acquire their Disability Certifcate & UDID Cards as well as apply for various Government grants both from Social Welfare & 
Women and Child Dept . 
But the biggest benefit NOEL FERNANDES contributed to our NGO by signing our application form is we are saving more than
Rs 36000 a month or Rs 432000 a year on a particular commodity which I was informed today has been approved by The Government. 
And this commodity requires an ADHAR CARD . 
For 5 years we paid extrra Rs 2160000 because we did not have any adhar cards of these homeless people. 
( I will be uploading a post once I get that order as to how we got this huge discount & there again is another Goan officer who stepped in and made things happen very quickly ) 
Today and till Noel is working at his desk, that satisfaction and peace will bring happiness and tears to him. 
To me , Noel is one of the most sincere and honest officers I have ever come across in all the Government offices I move around. 
Non corrupt and down to earth but very strict and follows the rules meticulously. 
No time wasting and no petty talks and will not give you a cup of tea when u go to his office. 
Any one in NOEL Seat can and would and will definitely made huge amount of wealth under the table for generating adhar card, birth & death Certifcate,  correction of names , etc. 
But NOEL is a class apart . Honest to the core. 
I can actually smell a corrupt and un cooperative officer in my many years of roaming around in all government offices. 
But God through his Grace has always inspired me to go to the best officer in each department and get my work done for the homeless and street people and also God has inspired those chosen officers in each department to listen to my requests and do my work quickly , efficiently and without any bribe or time wasting. 
As I write this post I have a few tears in my eyes ( basically I am not an emotional person but I know the trouble I went through those years getting the freaking paper work organized for these homeless people with disabilities ). 
But thanks to NOEL FERNANDES all the frustrations, irritations , endless forms we filled and re filled, all those adhar camps we conducted with the help of Mr LEVIN who poor fellow tolerated the homeless today has reaped a big harvest in the lives of so many homeless people with disabilities . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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