1.2.2023. 7pm IST 
DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT , GOVERNMENT OF GOA speaks her heart out about our NGO & her Department plans for the homeless & people with disabilites.
Short 3 min video attached. 👇👇
At the recently held function om 30.1.2023 where our 150 homeless street people most of them suffering from severe disabilities felicitated Bosco George IPS on his retirement,  there was also present top government officials :
◇ 1. Director of Women & Child 
◇ 2. Director of Social Welfare &
◇ 3. Asst Director of Social Welfar
Why were they invited?
Well these two departments are the source of funding and grants from the Government and what better place and occassion for the THESE TOP OFFICIALS to actually see  the different types of people we rehabilitate , with their own eyes , all under one roof and also interact with them.
Its not possible for a Small NGO like ours to get such top officials togther on a MONDAY,  but they accepted and came on time .
The blessed part was Mrs Kamat , Director of Social Welfare, who has just taken over this Department, has a heart to help the homeless with disabilites. 
A complicated Department to most of the NGOs but to STREET PROVIDENCE the best Department as there is a superb combination especially between Director & Asst Director. 
Infact I have had a fight and argument with both of them on the 1st day of me meeting both of them.
I had a tiff with Asst Director somewhere in early July 22 and with Director in early October 22 in her office with her top officials. 
But to top it all, the Social Welfare Minister is a simple humble man who 12 years back was doing similar work to our NGO and understands the trouble an NGO like ours go through daily rehabilitating homeless with disabilites. 
So when the top brass of a Department supports an NGO based on the ground work happening, it gives an NGO a lot of encouragement to keep adding more projects 
But here is what one needs to understand. 
Our NGO is actually doing the most difficult work of rehabilitating the homeless with disabilites and the Department was not showin any interest..
My frustration, anger and disappointment is that the Department was doing nothing which they should have done and supported us .
But that is what the Entire Department of Social Welfare is doing NOW.
Recognizing our work and supporting 100 % .
We have opened their eyes and changed their thinking that STREET PROVIDENCE is asking for grants which is due to us .
No one is doing anyone a favour. 
We are all here doing a SERVICE to the homeless with disabilites. 
It's the thinking.
Most think that NGOs are only on paper.
Most NGOs think government officials are corrupt 
Most government officials think NGOs are only collecting donations.
For me , i  go to any Government dept with one thing on my mind ” I will get the job done by highlighting the work our NGO does “.
Of Course God too plays his part by inspiring the government officials to move. 
But its more of the hard work our NGO does daily on the ground non stop last 5 years .
One needs to have clear vision and goals and work tirelessly towards achieving those goals whether government is recognizing or not .
Good work will always get you the rewards with the Grace of God .
We thank the Director in advance for creating a new grant to support the homeless with mental disabilities.
We are all pumped up to accept more homeless people with disabilities into our homes. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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