30.1.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA today released our Book 
( and e book ) on the occsssion of our NGO completing 5 years in service of the homeless at the hands of Mr Bosco George IPS officer .
Link attached 👇
Also attaching the book in PDF format. 
Also today our  150 + homeless people suffering from Disabilities gave a touching farewell to Goa's most loved cop Mr Bosco George, IPS on his retirement from Goa Police .
Two videos attached :👇👇
One is of The homeless welcoming him &
One of Bosco sir wishing then while going out.
Today is  Bosco George birthday & wedding anniversary and I am sure this was the most memorable occassion for sir Bosco George .
The book has been designed and put togther by our IN HOUSE TEAM, @ Street Providence by 
my brother in law Mr John Pinto &
my sister & trustee Mrs Joanita Pinto and the Cover design – has been designed by my niece , Miss Raelene Vaz.
♡♡♡ Special thanks to :
☆ 1. Mr Bosco George IPS, for the fore word 
☆ 2. Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao @ Archdiocese Goa
☆ 3. Auxiliary Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas @ Ranchi Diocese 
☆ 4. Mrs Deepali Naik , Director of Women & Child @ Government of Goa 
for their messages pledging their support to the NGO in this book.
Cardinal message is very encouraging and motivating as its straight from his heart. 
♡♡♡ Also a big thanks to those who attended today:
☆ 1. Mrs Deepali Naik , Director WCD
☆?2. Mrs Sandhya Kamat , Director Social Welfare
☆ 3. Mr Noel Fernandes, Planing & Statistics 
☆ 4. Adv Caroline Collaso,  our Trustee 
☆ 5. Prof Pai , Retired professor,  Goa University 
☆ 6. Adv Mr Shailesh Gawas , Social Worker 
☆ 7. Sr Edith Dantes , Fatima Convent , Guirim
☆ 8. Mrs Pradnya Marathe,  Ast Dir , S.Welfare 
It has not been easy getting from all our homes all the 150 homeless people,  witn almost 10 of them on wheel chairs and 8 of them on cluthes.
And 80% are on psychiatric medication and require constant monitoring.
We had to Hire 4 big buses to transport all of them.
I am happy that both the Directors ie 
Wonen & Child and Social Welfare, accepted the invitation at short notice , attended the function well before time and saw  with their eyes and understood the trouble our NGO goes through daily rehabilitating these homeless people of which 70% are goans .
♡♡  Thanks to Fr Henry , Director of Cruz de Milagris for allowing us the usage of the Hall and for alot of services that comes along with the hall .
We paid a small fee for hiring the premises but superb facilities especially since most of the homeless are old and suffering from disabilities.
♡♡  Thanks to our Operation manager Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar and his boys for taking all the trouble in arranging the decorations,  busses,  facilitating the transportation of these 150 homeless people suffering from Disabilities.
This is just part 1 of the book launch .
We will be uploading 2 more parts with videos of the function held today .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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