27.1.2023. 7Pm IST
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA today shows you how our volunteers feed breakfast in Villages to our own local people every morning.
In my Parish of Guirim – Sangolda for over a year every morning free fresh breakfast is distributed to Poor goan people by Lawrence & his team .
Attached a small video and and a picture 👇👇
Beneficiaries varies dally between 100 -125 and it happens in 2 places in Guirim village & 1 place in Sangolda village .
3 feeding points daily 7.30 am to 8 am .
We have combinations of :
☆ Paratha 3 days a week 
☆ Bread 3 days a week 
With :
☆ Egg 2 days a week 
☆ Banana 2 days a week 
☆ Jam & butter chiplets 2 days a week 
Most of the beneficiaries are verified as the feeding is at village level and everyone knows everyone. 
At times these same beneficiaries are provided hot and nutritious food in the afternoon or late evening which we get through our Food Bank program where daily we accept close to 500 kgs of good cooked food which otherwise would be wasted. 
None of our volunteers or our team look at this as a FAVOUR bur rather we see it as a SERVICE to humanity.
In today world where food costs are rising , poor & old goans , elderly parents with no support from children,  single mothers, widows , labour class , etc are all given a meal at these feeding points at Guirim – Sangolda.
Serving looks easy but then :
◇ 1. Parathas & bread has to procured fresh before 7.30 am
◇ 2. Eggs and bananas are procured the previous day from the city 
◇ 3. Jam & butter chiplets are needed to be stored in a fridge and ordered in advance. 
Lots of planning & logistics go into organizing this feeding as it happens in 3 places but sourcing and storage is at one place. 
It's these little services which we provide to many poor and needy people through our various programs @ Street Providence across Goa and that Blessings & satisfaction we get is much more than what we try to search and get through many worldly ways.
Lawrence and the other team members are senior citizens or family people and to get up every morning and provide this service is not easy and it's happening over a year .
Each meal costs rs 20 only. 
If you are celebrating any function then please also sponsor such meals as part of your celebration.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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