26.1.2023. 5pm IST 
🇮🇳A Very Happy Republic day today to one and all.🇮🇳
On this wonderful day , Street Providence Goa and all their inmates wishes and blesses 
Mr Vishram Borkar , SP @ Goa Police,  on he being conferred THE PRESTIGOUS PRESIDENT POLICE MEDAL today. 
For those wondering let me explain.
Last year , we intended to install a food bank fridge at The Raj Bhavan , Dona Paula.
Mr BORKAR , is the ADC ( aide-de-camp ) to The Honourable Governor of Goa. 
THE ADC is also incharge of the Security of the Governor.
Since we are not politically connected, I had  approached an IPS officer who got me in touch with Mr Borkar .
Mr Borkar is A GENTLEMAN to the core. 
Mr Borkar gave me an appointment, heard me out regarding the food bank fridge at the Raj Bhavan but shot down the idea due to serious security reasons which I accepted. 
But he ( and the then secretary) came up with another suggestion ” The Raj Bhavan donating 100 freshly cooked meals every week to our food bank program “.
The Governor too liked the suggestion and it's close to a year ” we as the food bank get 100 freshly cooked meals every week from The Governor house “.
No where in INDIA , will you come across any Raj Bhavan donating freshly cooked meals to feed the poor to a registered FOOD BANK.
And we are proud to be that FOOD BANK receiving food weekly from THE RAJ BHAVAN. 
In our line of Service to the poorest of the through our NGO, I have discovered that God has planted some important official in our lives to get that extra work done and Mr BORKAR is one of them.
That day after the meeting, or even before the meeting, knowing there is a security issue, he could have just sent me away as he never ever met me before and neither was he obligated to the IPS officer who sent me to meet him .
But he did not do that. 
Well for those who know Mr BORKAR personally will vouch for his simple nature,  humble background & his down to earth and easy to get along attitude.
Mr Vishram Borkar understands hunger, homelessness & those people suffering from disabilities and that makes him a UNIQUE  person who always remembers his past and his simple village life style in SHIRODA village .
I have come across a few high ranking government officials who just refuse to even listen to genuine requests as they themselves have lived a life of poverty and just because of Power they refuse to look back in their own lives.
These officials just don't want to go back to their childhood life of poverty but rather they prefer to wear the Power on their sleeves. 
Power is never permanent which quite a few both Government officials & politicians should understand. 
Mr Borkar has the prayers and blessings from our homeless street people for his understanding of the words HUNGER & homelessness. 
We are assured that in the coming years of his service @ GOA POLICE,  Mr Borkar support and commitment towards the homeless and the people with Disabilities on the streets of Goa will be much more than today. 
Once again A Wonderful occassion on INDIAs Republic day to get an award by Mr Vishram Borkar ie THE PRESTIGOUS PRESIDENT POLICE MEDAL.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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