26.12.2022. 7Pm IST

STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is in need of your help & support to raise money to buy a second hand car.
Our 3 Shelter homes in South Goa with a current strength of 60 men & 8 ladies are daily driven for check up and assessments to either :
☆ Gmc @ Bambolim
☆ Iphb @ Bambolim
☆ District hospital @ Margao 
We have 3 such Cars at their disposal in South Goa of which two are really old and are breaking down quite often & these two cars need to be scrapped :
◇ 1. GA 01 R 2441 Wagon R , model 2001
◇ 2. GA 08 E 2133 Santro , model 2007
One can check these above details on VAHAN app or can even visit our Home at Quepem to see for yourself .
Both these cars were donated in 2020 & 2018 respectively. 
We also have an old omni Ambulance which Registration is expiring in 2024 and that too is giving alot of trouble as it was our 1st and only car for many years.
I have seen a nice good second hand car & We are now In need of this Second hand Wagon R which is driven just 8300 kms and the price is rs 385000.
Of which a kind benefactor has committed to 
Rs 100000.
If you reading this post,  can help our NGO then in the Spirit of Christmas please do contribute.
If you can please forward this message to anyone you think might want to help our NGO.
Almost all our services @ Street Providence are requiring transportation  namely : 
☆ 1. Rescue & rehabilitation of the homeless street people 
☆ 2. Collecting close to 300 to 500 kgs food daily from our 25 food bank fridges 
☆ 3. Feeding this food equivalent to 1000 + meals a day 
☆ 4. Taking our shelter people to hospitals daily
☆ 5. Moving resources and other stuff from our main office in porvorim to our 8 shelter homes across Goa .
And now we started cleaning Black Spots of Garbage in Goa and that's a separate team which does it.
Many times cars break down as most of our cars are moving non stop daily approx 100 kms / per car and wear and tear of these old cars add to the decrease of the  life of the cars.
Our monthly fuel bill is always Rs 60000 and above so you can imagine the running about our cars do daily. 
If any company can help us under CSR activity with a car please do support this request. 
One again I thank you for reading this message.
All donations are exempted under Section 80G of the INCOME tax act .
We are also have a CSR registration no for those companies who might be able to help us .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848