24.12.2022. 8pm IST 
It's the Eve of Christmas when Baby Jesus will be born.
Christmas is a time that we all expect gifts.
And we usually give a gift to a known person or a known person gives us a gift .
But for me , it's not only about receiving but also in giving and giving to the least & the last one 
( this is the message given today by Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao ).
Today I saw something in the Jail which made me understand how TALENT is hidden in the rejected & condemned ie the prisoners. 
SUPERB HUGR MECHANICAL CRIB in the jail made by the prisoners. 
Picture and video attached 👇
Today we gifted a NEW WATER DISPENSER at 5pm to the COLVALE jail for the benefit of the prisoners.
This Watet Dispenser cum purifier was innaugrated by :
IGP Prisons – Mr Bosco George IPS 
In the presence of :
☆ 1. Asst Superintendent of Jail : Mr B Pednekar
☆ 2. Adv Caroline Collaso :  Our Trustee
☆ 3. Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar :  Operation Manager
& a huge contingent of Goa Police personnel & staff of the Jail personnel.
♡♡ Thanks to our operation manager Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar for co ordinating with many involved and getting this machine up and running in just 48 hours .
It's peak season but the gift had to go before Christmas.
Many more such WATER DISPENSERS are needed to be installed here in the jail. 
During a casual talk with the top officials of Prisons i understood that there is need for water purifiers as the prisoners are huge in number  in the jail .
I decided to do my part and adjust our expenses of the NGO to get this machine installed in the jail. 
An opportunity to bring a little joy to those prisoners was worth jumping into with this machine especially on Christmas Eve.
Thanks to Global Enterprises for the heavy discount and then further discount, we managed to get This New Water Dispenser installed within just 48 hours.
Many many people are aware of our services across all sections to the poorest of the poor and prisoners are one section I have always wanted to help & work with.
Today that desire came to Pass .
I sent a request message to a well known business man asking if he would like to pay for the water dispenser.
Without asking any questions ” send the invoice” was his reply. 
♡♡♡ Thanks to Kirit Maganlal fron MAGSONS group of Supermarkets for taking care of the bill.
Many will be thinking ” why should the public pay for this when its the government job ?”.
Well let's always ask ourselves ” what can I do in my country to make the life of the  poor & the marginalized including the prisoners a little better ? & that too on Christmas Eve ? “
If you can't get an answer then you can forget the question and just move on with life .
Being good to  the poor and the neglected is our duty when the system fails.
It's  better to fill the gap and get the job done to which surely the authorities will wake up one day .
Many people today want to help genuinely with their donations,  but don't know whom to belive and trust. 
Well here we are , STREET PROVIDENCE. 
Goa's best NGO for the year 22-23 , declared by the Government of Goa, whom you can always support as we are into many fields of helping the poorest of the poor across the board and donations are always welcome. 
Many many good things can happen if you want it to happen  
But if you want to criticise, find fault, be an obstacle,  etc then it's not going to help you at all.
I thank God for giving me an opportunity to do a little during this Christmas season for the prisoners without having to bear the cost .
God provided me an opportunity to meet the officials.
God used me to solve the prisoners issues,
God inspired the supplier to offer the discounts 
God touched the business man to pay the bill.
Our NGO understands the life of a prisoner as we too run many shelter homes and giving a little JOY to the prisoners is what 
MY CHRISTMAS is about.
Let's welcome baby Jesus as he is born in a stable tonight .
Before the New Year starts we will be installing another machine in the jail which is connected to improving the facility connected to the preparation of prisoners breakfast and you can try to be a part of bringing joy to a life of these prisoners by this machine which needs to be donated.
We @ Street Providence wish you all a Very Spirit filled Birth Of Jesus Christ .
A Very Happy Christmas.
I assured my new friends that our NGO will be surely coming back again and again to work with them and help them and be there for them as these are the people who are last and the least in today's world as they are on the other side of life for the mistakes they committed. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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