23.12.2022. 7pm IST
☆☆☆During this festive season please don't waste food. Drop your food in our 25 fridges in Goa.☆☆☆
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA has installed 4 more additional fridges during this festive season to accept extra cooked food which will be used to feed the poor .
We have installed fridges @ 
☆ 1. Bogmallo church 
☆ 2.. Pilerne church 
☆ 3. Anjuna police station.
☆ 4. Verna police station
Thanks to 
♡ 1. Fr Theo , Pp of Bogmallo Church 
♡ 2. Fr Derrick , Pp of Pilerne Church 
♡ 3. Mr Prashal Dessai, Inspector of Anjuna 
♡ 4. Mr. Diogo Gracias, Inspector of Verna 
for supporting our work of ending HUNGER in Goa and opening a little space to install these 4 fridges. 
We have today more than 25 fridges installed across Goa to accept extra cooked food & this is expected to go up.
( List attached of all our fridges in Goa )
Of which 11 fridges are in Police Stations, both in North Goa & South Goa .
In entire India , Goa must be the only state having food bank fridges installed in Police Stations. 
And that is a very good support from Goa Police to a very small Ngo of ours .
All one needs to do is pack your food in food grade plastic bags / silver foils  and drop it into the fridges .
It's Christmas festival followed by the New Year & we @ Street Providence are attempting to save the good extra food from going to the garbage dumps. 
We are playing our part by creating an awareness and offering a facility to drop you extra food for a cause of feeding the homeless.
Now you reading this post need to do you part:
◇ 1. Forwarding the posters & this post to as many as possible so as to know where is a nearest fridge
◇ 2. Informing your family members about food bank fridges to drop your extra food .
◇ 3. Saving the environment by not allowing good extra food to reach the garbage 
If we all work togther we can kill 5 birds in one stroke :
☆ 1. We install the fridges 
☆ 2. You drop your extra food 
☆?3. We feed the hungry 
☆ 4. Wet garbage is reduced 
☆ 5. You dropping your food gets you blessings 
All we require is commitment to get the extra food to the food bank fridges. 
We are already implementing the FSSAI project of SAVE FOOD , FEED FOOD in the last 5 years which was to be implement by FDA.
I hope now atleast FDA @ Bambolim will join OUR food bank and work along with us to implement from their side SAVE FOOD FEED FOOD inniatitve. 
Running Food Banks is not an easy service and creating food banks today is never going to be easy no matter how much FDA advertisers on newspapers and have press conference. 
Please during this festive season and the new year take a resolution to drop extra food in food bank fridges in Goa and let's do it together. 
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848