20.12.2022. 10 pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA opens our shelter doors to the poorest of the poor just now and takes in total 6 very small children & 3 parents .
☆ 1 lady adult who is the mother of 3 children & 
☆ 1 gents adult who is the father of 2 children & 
☆ 1 lady adult who is mother of 1 child of just 11 months. 
All are migrants and sleeping on streets in a city in Goa 
Police rounded them up .
Thanks to our care givers for whole heartedly opening the doors and agreeing to take in these poor little children.
A warm meal was arranged from our home and  all the sleeping arrangements for these little children and their mothers.   
How long they will stay I don't know , what will happen tomorrow I can't tell but tonight we opened our doors and that is THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS. 
Christmas is about the poorest of the poor , the homeless,  the migrants, the marginalised, the hungry. 
Actually this is not our problem to shelter these children.
But saying no just because it's not our problem is not right .
99% of the time , If any one requires shelter and whether we have space or not ” it's always a yes” provided it's routed through the police.
No direct admission without a proper medical and proper verification.
Goa Police dropped these little children & their parents.
We have two homes in the vicinity of just 20 meters apart from each other. 
Ladies home for children & ladies and 
Gents home only for men.
When our NGO has so much of facilities and support from the Government,  it's always YES to any request from the authorities. 
I am really SCARED at the amount of homeless people In Goa at the moment which according to my sources and volunteers can be close to 700 people and rising . 
I have made letters to all the City Dysps @ Goa Police as well as the North Goa Collector but sadly everyone is just quite.
Recently.about 2 to 3 weeks back,  some Commissioner ordered both the COLLECTORS to get all the children off the streets and into shelter homes .
I really don't see that happening and I am not sure when that is going to happen and where are the shelter homes for these street little children with their parents.
Supreme Court order clearly states ” little children can't be separated from the mothers “.
It's a really difficult journey in life for the poor and marginalised and I not sure what holds good for such poor people who live and stay on the streets. 
As for me it's always a pleasure to be of help to anyone and everyone who is homeless provided the admission is done through the authorities and with complete paperwork. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848