19.12.22. 7pm IST 
The Honourable Chief Minister of Goa,  
Dr Pramod Sawant today presented our NGO an award as the Best NGO In Goa for the year 2022 -23. 
( Attached a 40 sec video along with a photograph of the award today). 👇
And our NGO is just 5 years old as a Registered Trust. 
There are many people who I wish to thank publicly for standing / supporting me in the last 5 years in some way or the other : 
♡ My wife Dorothy & my 3 children 
♡ My late Uncle Fr Walter Gomes., SFX.
♡ Fr Maverick from Caritas 
♡ Bro Johnson Sequeira
♡ Adv Caroline Collasso 
♡ Archdiocese of Goa & 
Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao 
Our current & former landlords :
♡ John Pinto & my sister Joanita Pinto
♡ Trustees of St Michael Trust Assnora
♡ Liz Pimenta , Mapusa 
♡ Sr Vandana , Provincial of FMCK 
♡ Fr Ubaldo , Ex Parish Priest. Batim Church
♡ Sr Shirley , Ex Provincial of FHIC
♡ Aura & Lawrence Fernandes 
♡ Sr Edith, Fatima Convent , Guirim 
♡ Simon Carvalho, Quepem 
( our NGO does not own any property ). 
Without the support of these Government dept we would not have been here today : 
☆ Goa Police 
☆ Women & child dept 
☆ Social Welfare dept 
☆ Directorate of Health Services 
☆ All Doctors at IPHB Bambolim & GMC 
♡♡ A big thanks to AZIM PREMJI PHILANTROPHY for supporting us when we were very small 
( just 2 years old ) and still our partner. 
♡♡ Special thanks to all our 300+ volunteers across Goa who have been standing with me in our FOOD BANK Program. 
But the biggest support had been our SILENT BENEFACTORS. 
The complicated and multi services we PROVIDE FREE of cost  in our NGO requires funding and its the BENEFACTORS who have been our SUPPORT . 
95% of our BENEFACTORS have never ever met me or seen me but yet that TRUST is what binds our NGO with the BENEFACTORS. 
Many,  I mean really many have been sending us donations month after month, year after year, last 5 years even when we went through a few set backs and had negative publicity , many called me / messaged me and said ” WE STAND WITH YOU “. 
To hold on to alot of BENEFACTORS for 5 years and counting , ones services really need to be good and extra ordinary. 
Thanks to my current Trustees :
♡ Adv Caroline Collasso 
♡ Mrs Joanita Pinto 
♡ Mr  Freddy Mendez 
♡♡ A note of Thanks to our Ex Trustee Mr Anselm. 
Running shelter homes for the homeless requires manpower and I thank my Staff who work with commitment & care namely :
☆ 1. Sapnesh Salgaonkar – Operation Manager 
☆ 2. Tanaya.- our accountant 
☆ 3. Douglas Pinto – Hospital incharge 
☆ 4. Akash Pednekar  – South Goa incharge 
And all our current staff & former staff who have been part of this NGO totally 25. 
Also without the caregivers In all our shelter homes things would be not easy as it is now :
1. Asim 
2. Abhishek
3. Abhijit
4. Ram Singh
5. Ignacio
6. Pobres
7. Mayur 
8. Sr Edith 
9. Milagrin 
10. Sr Mariya
11. Sr Alexia 
12. Karan 
♡♡A big shout of thanks to our AUDITORS 
M/s SBN & Associates for standing with us right from the time of inception and guiding us with all the legal accounting modalities. 
This Award motivates our NGO to new services planned for the coming year namely :
☆ 1. A free 25 bedded  stroke recovery facility for the poorest of the poor in Goa 
☆ 2. A Dialysis centre for the poor and rural goans
☆ 3. Setting up of food bank fridges in other states
☆ 4. Setting up shelter homes for the homeless across India 
I thank you all who have been our SILENT well wisher and following our work last 5 years. 
If this particular post has motivated you then as a goodwill gesture please forward this to your family and friends. 
As usual all communications through whatsapp only on 8380097564 . 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564/ 7020314848