16.12.22. 8pm IST 
FOOD BANK SANGOLDA is in need of new food fridges which we intend to Install to accept extra food for the poor. 
FOOD BANK SANGOLDA has been running food bank fridges across Goa last 5 years , accepting extra cooked food In our fridges which is then in turn fed to the poor & the marginalized through our volunteers. 
Its the Christmas season and what better way to be part of a program that has been feeding hundreds of meals daily across Goa through various food bank programs. 
In The month of NOVEMBER 22 , Our Food bank fridges and our food bank collection from factories , Bakeries & hotels was close to 12000 kgs.( 12 tonnes ) 
Inspite of no commitment and support from FDA over the last 5 years , we have been running Goa's only registered Food Bank and saving thousands of kgs of food from going to waste . 
But on the other side FDA has never ever troubled our food bank in the last 5 years which is a good sign. 
But yet FDA is closing their eyes and ears to tonnes of food being wasted daily in Goa. 
I decided to move ahead in Goa & other states of India, irrespective of support from FDA. 
This Christmas atleast 4 more food bank fridges across Goa & in the New Year another 6 more fridges in Goa we wish to install in different parts of North & South Goa. 
We are also soon starting these food bank fridges across other states in India in the New Year. 
Besides saving the extra food from going into the garbage dumps we are also feeding the poorest of the poor. 
Your support during this festive season by donating a Fridge goes a long way In helping the poor as well as blessings from the ALMIGHTY. 
With the Grace of God we are able to daily accept approx 300 to 500 kgs good edible food from being thrown out . 
There is a huge logistic costs in running FOOD BANKS and that's the reason no one wants to venture into this service. 
We need your support to install these 10 fridges during this festive season as alot of food gets wasted and once people are aware of food bank fridges during the festive season the rest of the year food is automatically dropped in fridges. 
All donations are exempted under Section 80G of the INCOME TAX ACT. 
For any queries and clarification please get in touch with me strictly through whstsapp only on 8380097564 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564/ 7020314848