27.12.2022. 9pm IST 
God answered my prayers for the balance amount to buy the 2nd hand car .
Yesterday at 10 pm we uploaded a post asking for donation of Rs 285000 to buy a 2nd hand car for our NGO work .
The actual cost was rs 385000 but before I uploaded the post I had received a commitment of Rs 1 lac.
This morning 10 am , an elderly wise gentleman handed me over a cheque of Rs 3 lacs.
But those who would like to read ahead please do because ” GOD IS NEVER IN DEBT to us “.
This elderly gentleman had given me an appointment to visit him almost 3 weeks ago.
He Said meet me 27.12.22 @ 10 am .
Alan Lobo from porvorim the mechanic who maintains our NGO cars called me on 24.12.22 saying a good 2nd automatic car for sale , pls go for it.
I took the test drive and I was happy. 
26.12.22 our team from Quepem brought some inmates to IPHB for assessment and the Santro which is already 15 years old stopped 3 times on the way .
Which I was not aware of but was aware that the Santro is giving trouble on and off , quite often.
26.12.22  at 11am  I confirmed the car with Alan who inturn confirmed with the seller. 
I picked the car at 5pm on 26.12.22  and dropped it at Alan garage for a simple servicing and I called a lady benefactor asking for help at 5.45pm  to buy this car which she confirmed Rs 1 lac on the spot .
Last night I put the appeal out and went to sleep. 
Till 9.45 am this morning no one got back to me saying they will help us with the balance. 
At 10 am I met this elderly wise gentleman who within the 1st 10 minutes of our conversation said  ” I have a cheque for you for Rs 3 lacs for the car”
We had a 1 hour conversation and I left feeling happy but thanking God for this miracle.
Miracle,  but why ?
☆ 1. This elderly gentleman man & his wife have been our NGO benefactors for over 3 years 
☆ 2. We have never ever met before but they are both on my broadcast and I send them all my message.
☆ 3.  Surely when the elderly wise gentleman gave me an appointment a few weeks ago,  I am sure he had in mind to give me a donation but not of Rs 3 lacs.
How did this elderly wise gentleman ever fix an appointment well in advance for the 27th Dec ?
Why did Alan the mechanic call me on 24th Dec and convince me to go for this car ?
How did that Santro break down on 26tb Dec?
Why without having the money to pay for the car did I decide to go ahead ?
Now the Temptation after experiencing a miracle.
Now at 11am today when I left the gentleman home witn the cheque , I got two offers of 
Rs 1 lac each donation towards this same car .
But I told both of them the truth ” that I received the entire amount for the car, I can't accept the donation for this car “.
Both told me to still take the cheques ,  which I confirmed that I will take it for a big project we are starting in January 23.
I am putting this post out to tell all that we received the balance rs 3 lacs for the car and we don't require funds for this car .
Attaching a picture of the car with me.
God has provided in FULL.
We will still accept donations for our other projects so please support us .
I always ask help on social media for anything and everything during the last 5 years of running the NGO .
And I always upload on social media help received for the problems I have asked help for.
Besides all our daily work is uploaded on social media for the people to know the complicated and complex services we provide at our NGO 24×7 last 5 years .
Being declared THE BEST NGO for 22-23 by the Government of Goa is what we have worked hard for.
Its the Favour of God & trust of numerous benefactors who 95% of them have never met me or may never ever meet me.
It's also the TRUST that our NGO has gained which keeps the NGO moving.
” God is never in Debt to us ” especially when one works for the poorest of the poor otherwise read the above post again & let me know your views and suggestions.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848