9.12.22  7pm IST 
Alarming rate of increase of abandoned Goan men / husbands / fathers / brothers on the streets of Goa by family members. 
Today we highlight one such elderly Goan man found living in a broken down balcony in TALEIGAO , Mr Rosario. 
Rosario might be 75+ years old and over a month may be was spotted by A PUBLIC PROSECUTOR by the name of Mrs Clarita Simoes in GMC admitted by 108 and she felt sorry for him . 
Requested me to rehabilitate him which I agreed and Rosario himself came to stay with us . 
But ROSARIO is too weak and carries along with him to many health issues making it difficult for us to manage him in our shelter Home. 
High pressure, Diabetics , stress etc . 
I belive he has a wife and three adult children who either have thrown him out or might be he has walked out of them many years ago . 
According to what I picked up, he has been away from the family for over 30 years +. 
Not sure if it's the guilt which is eating him up or the rejection from his family but he is very upset with life and that complicates his mental & physical state of mind. 
Incase anyone recognises him or knows his family please let me know or let the family know. 
He is too weak and exhausted in life and might not make it further. 
At the moment he is in hospital taking treatment. 
We just can't afford his treatment privately and that's another issue. 
Atlesst he should get a chance either to forgive his family or his family should forgive him . 
Today many such families are throwing their family members out and these people are either living on the streets or dumped in hospitals. 
Many many of them are there similar to ROSARIO & there is just no shelter for them . 
No one cares and no one is bothered. 
Plenty of homes which can actually take in a few of them but due to so many reasons are not entertained and turned away . 
Small NGO like ours. already with 160 such homeless people are forced to take in more . 
The infrastructure in all our SHELTER HOMES are being stretched to a limit and we too can't manage taking in more people. 
Goa is witnessing alot of women , children,  families roaming and living on the streets add to this our own goan ladies & gents homeless. 
Its time the local panch members, local religious leaders , social workers get togther village wise and see how and why people like ROZARIO are homeless and abandoned. 
Believe me we will reach a level very soon that major cities will be facing a crisis just like there is a crisis of migrants children and ladies living in all the major cities of Goa . 
We are currently Sheltering about 15 such goan abandoned men having families but no one ready to take them back. 
Everything is changing in life and the change is more because of commercialization and monetization. 
The poor, Elderly , sick , etc are not welcome in their our homes any more. 
Little do they know that one day , they too will grow old and surely meet the same fate. 
I am not sure how and who is going to address the genuine goan homeless people living on the streets of Goa and abandoned in hospitals and bus stops but we can go on only for a limit taking in such cases. 
160 homeless people currently being sheltered is not an easy task at the moment as the expenses are mounting and needs to be addressed daily . 
We need your prayers , wishes,  blessings & support as we carry on our mission of ending hunger & Homelessness in Goa. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes
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