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Two elderly nuns, aged 79 & 75 years , OPENS THEIR HEARTS & HANDS &  help in stabilizing and bringing back to normalcy  a woman who was one of the most complicated, highly destructive and totally high degree of mental disabilities that I have ever rehabilitated in the last 5 years ” BLESSED ” 
On 1.9.2022 we had uploaded about this Goan girl who we had named BLESSED . 
Link attached. Read that post 1st . 
Today after 3 months , BLESSED is a totally New Creation within control and is a big blessings in our shelter home without any signs of insanity, no aggression like before nor any suicidal thoughts. 
Absolutely no complaints and in the last 3 months we did not feel the need to admitt her into the IPHB @ Bambolim. All her troubles are things of the past . 
So how this change? 
How this goan girl once upon a time was a pain in the neck to her family and to any shelter home including ours , to an extent the only solution was admission for months into IPHB has improved? 
Well these are the people who play a very active role behind the scene daily during the last 3 months and will play their role in the future with BLESSED. 
1. The Two old nuns who are the care givers of Street Providence Home, who inspite of being retired Look after BLESSED & another 9 such ladies with patience, & kindness . 
These two nuns provide that MOTHERLY love which BLESSED might had not got from her own mother from childhood .I don't know. 
The nuns took BLESSED as a challenge into the shelter home when all my other women shelter homes caregivers gave up and refused to understand BLESSED. 
2. A Capucian priest who daily visited BLESSED during the month of September and just sat and listened to her and counseled her spiritually as BLESSED is a ROMAN CATHOLIC by religion. 
3. My good friends from Bro Johnson team ie 
Prakash, Sujata , Alka & Sharon who have been visiting this home last 90 days daily for 2 to 3 hours and just sitting and spiritually building BLESSED up. 
4. Our operation Manager Sapnesh Salgaonkar who comes with tonnes of patience and who knows how to handle such cases. 
5. All our office staff who regularly visit BLESSED and who every 15days is taken for an assessment. 
It's ALL TEAM WORK which all these players play together in their own assigned time. 
Today even BLESSED own family and relatives can't believe that BLESSED has improved so much. 
Never in my wild imagination did I ever ever feel that BLESSED would stay quite cool and calm like a normal Person in our home. 
Usually such cases are admitted into IPHB. 
Prior to 1st September 2022, we must have admitted BLESSED many many times even upto 45 days at a strecth into IPHB then discharged her for 7 days then again admitted another 45 days as we just could not handle. 
BLESSED has gone in the last 20 years through the most difficult, humiliating,  insulting,  cruel experience which no female should ever go through. 
All of us @ STREET PROVIDENCE are proud to have had a wonderful experience is seeing two types of BLESSED . 

Before & After 
Today BLESSED does alot of handicraft work in the Home , plus mops the floor and washrooms. 
Attached 2 pictures of the flowers made by BLESSED. 
BLESSED sings , reads,  writes , lives a much better life and one day i am sure she will rise up and be a FULL TIME CARE GIVER in our NGO helping other such ladies come out of their bondage . 
We have been successful in looking after and caring for such CHRONIC, HOPELESS, COMPLICATED & DESTRUCTIVE ladies suffering from mental disabilities. 
The key to such deranged woman recovering is :
☆ Care givers with commitment ,
☆ Supervised & timely medication 
☆ Prayers & counseling 
☆ Nutritious food ,
☆ Timely assessment at IPHB
☆ Outings and trips to different places in nature. 
BLESSED family has been kind enough to reimburse our NGO all our expenses towards her REHABILITATION as they wish to give the best to her . 
If you know any such ladies IN GOA suffering from such mentak disabilities and having no one to care for them then please let me know through WHATSAPP only on 8380097564. 
We can help in rehabilitation after we study each and every individual request. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848