24.11.2022. 7 PM IST 
Another Goan lady and her goan husband both suffering from disabilities could have ended up missing and lost , but now admitted in our ladies & gents shelter homes. 
A Very sad , complicated yet real life incident. 
Man is Polio by birth and living on and off with his wife but mostly in the last 30 years has been staying on the streets of Panjim . 
Wife is having mental disabilities and due to abandonment from the husband her mental stress has taken her into major mental disabilities. 
Have two adult children daughter & son 
As youngsters both children went through poverty and as such the girl studied till 6th std and from 12 years has been working to educate her brother. 
Daughter got married at 18 years and today has a 12 year old girl who is in 6th std . 
Recently the son borrowing money managed to get a job on the ship. 
Daughter , Son & mother from childhood has been staying with their aunt. 
Today the aunts son has got married and has his own family and their  house is very small. 
Married Daughter stays on rent in another small house and tried endlessly to look after the parents but just not working out . 
Father wishes to sleep on the streets. 
Mother consumes and chews tobacco last 15 years and as a result her psychiatric medicines are not having any effect . 
Shouts, roams semi naked,  moves here and there, abuse & destructive at times . 
Aunt and the nephew are pushed to the wall . 
Daughter can't  handle the mother too. 
Such type of ladies usually just start walking and walking and reach who knows where and no one from the family will be interested in searching them as they are just too frustrated,  tired and stressed in such scenarios. 
We were approached by the daughter a few weeks ago to help in rehabilitation of the mother. 
But during the conversation I understood the father is homeless and living on the streets for 30 years . 
I was really upset that the daughter is desperate to help her parents inspite of poverty and all the troubles and hardship she went through from childhood. 
Today this Goan husband & wife are provided food, clothing,  shelter in different Homes . 
We have taken both of them into our shelter homes. 
Father is very happy. 
Mother since she is on medication will take time to get back to normalcy which may be on 9 to 12 months. 
And we usually tend to think and comment that all street people are outsiders. 
A couple of more such cases are reported to us and if not rehabilitated will one day end up missing or even abandoned. 
It's a terrible life to go though if your parents are both suffering from disabilities and if you are living in poverty. 
We are trying out level best to take in and provide food clothing shelter and medications but your support as a benefactor is required. 
If you come across such poor and abandoned ladies sufferings from mental disabilities and require rehabilitation please advise the closet  family members to take them to the IPHB @ Bambolim and start their medication . 
If rehabilitation is required please get in touch with us on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848