22.11.2022. 7pm IST 
SOUTH GOA MP MR. FRANCISCO SARDINHA & BENAULIM MLA CAPTAIN VENZY VIEGAS were present for the innaugration of our 3rd IN HOUSE Physiotherapy centre @ our Cavelossim home yesterday for our friends who are ” homeless “. 
Attached a 4 min video . 👇
It was a touching moment after the cutting the ribbon and the presentation, that both elected representatives sat down and had a lunch with our friends who are ” homeless & suffering from Disabilities “. 
South Goa MP was kind enough to accept our invitation and be present at 12 pm dot . 
We started late as the innaugration at QUEPEM took time to get over 
South Goa MP spent a good 20 minutes with two of our friends who recognized the MP as they are from his village. 
Cpt Venzy Viegas has berm associated with us right from 2019 even before he was an elected representative and I felt happy that inspite of his tight schedule,  he attended the innaugration and had a meal with our friends. 
The purpose of Physiotherapy for the homeless is that most of them enter our shelter homes with physical disabilities as well as alcohol related issues. 
And if they are senior citizens with physical  disabilites or with amputations then before they get bedridden we need to keep them standing and walking . 
Once they get bedridden it's a big trouble to the care givers . 
Just to make a point ” all our friends are not  having any voting card as most of them don't have even their own basic documents “. 
Our FREE  3 Physiotherapy centre's will enable our friends to get over their pains , irritations,  Joint troubles, their muscular issues,  etc. 
In all 8 shelter homes, the Cooks, care givers , utility staff , compounders , male nurses , watchmen , etc. are all from the streets and we need to keep them fit and fine as we can't afford 
to hire outside staff . 
We have many more projects lined up in the coming year and with an capacity of 140 men & 60 women,  all our man power will be drawn from these 200 friends. 
While most homes suffer from man power we @ STEEET PROVIDENCE have gone the reverse . 
We have gone to the streets, accepted all those who require rehabilitation and a hand to start a fresh, treated them in case they had any medical issues , cared for them and today we DARE TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE. 
I tend to look 2 years FUTURE  if I wish to start any new project for the homeless & the poor & work on getting / acquiring / training MANPOWER. 
For me ” It's about TEAM WORK & TRUST in the STAFF & my Friends ( homeless ) “. 
I understand that a small % have issues or can't understand how I manage,  but the TRUTH is 
” I do my Part , God does his part & my operation manager Sapnesh Salgaonkar & his team takes care of the implementation “. 
Thanks to Mrs Brenda who has been associated with this home from the time we started in 2018 and for always helping and attending my call in case of emergency and getting my request attended and sorted out irrespective of the time , the request or the situation. 
Again our office is in Sangolda , and it's more than 70 kms one way to this home and that's where we require Mrs Brenda in times of emergency. 
Her Daughter , Miss Raisa is a professional Physiotherapist who will be providing the services to both ladies & gents from both our shelter homes in Cavelossim. 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to two important volunteers : 
☆ 1. John Baptist ( Margao ) for taking care of all the arrangements for this innaugration and for also driving our Ambulance with these friends of mine to hospital over the last 3 years . 
☆ 2. Orlando Mesquita ( Benaulim ) who could not make it but who has been helping us in this Home and other homes from the time we see up operations in South Goa was back in 2018. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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