21.11.22. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA innaugrates our 2nd Physiotherapy centre @ QUEPEM for homeless street men today at 10 am . 
♡♡♡ Honourable Minister for Social Welfare , Mr Subhas Phal Dessai was kind enough to be present and do the honors of cutting the ribbon. 
Also present were: 
♡ Chairperson of Quepem Municipal Council,
♡ Mrs Suchita Shirvaikar,
Zilla Parishad Member of Rivona , 
♡ Mr Suresh Kepekar &
Our Physiotherapist Mrs Oshin 
Homeless people mostly suffer from all types of disabilities and we accept and care for all types of homeless Irrespective of their disabilities including HIV ,TB , chronic Psychiatric patients , alcoholic & drug abuse women & men. 
We have experienced and seen how due to excess alcohol or due to amputation or due to genuine disabilities from birth , these homeless men are suffering and in pain and they at times just can't be all the time on pain killers . 
I saw this many years ago but I was helpless until last year when I myself was in terrible pain and was given two options : pain killers v/s physiotherapy. 
I choose Physiotherapy and today I am fit and fine all due to a Physiotherapist named Dr Ashton who got to the root of the problem and found the solution. 
And it struck me ” if I being absolutely healthy and normal can be treated with Physiotherapy then I should give the same service to these abandoned homeless people in all shelter homes. 
Today The Honourable Minister , Mr Subhash spent over a good 1 hour + at our home and interacted with the men here . 
He even shared a small breakfast with my friends ” the homeless “. 
The Minister shared his views, his thoughts and his sentiments with all of us and heard a couple of my friends stories and at one point I saw a tear in his eyes  
We expressed our desires to The Minister and he was kind enough to assure my friends 
” the homeless men ” all of his support . 
♡♡♡ I thank then entire team consisting of
☆ Sapnesh Salgaonkar – our operation manager ,
☆ Akash Pednekar – an Electricity Dept Employee but after duty , stays full time in this home taking care of my friends ” the homeless ” 
☆ Akshay Dessai – our full time staff at this home,
☆ Manoj Pokle – a clinical psychologist who has also stays full time in this home
for putting in alot of effort to see that the Physiotherapy centre was set up as well as organizing  this entire function today. 
This shelter Home is 70 kms away from our office at Sangolda and it's just next to impossible to travel up and down for each and every requirement. 
It's all about TEAM WORK & Motivation. 
♡♡ Thanks to the supplier Mr Bhavesh for meeting the deadline and supplying the equipment . 
Attached a 4 min video although the sound may not be clear and a few pictures of the innaugration today. 👇
Infact , after this innaugration we innaugrated  our 3rd Physiotherapy in House Centre at Cavelossim at 12,30 pm  , which we will upload tomorrow. 
The purpose of my life is to help some one get out of his trouble . 
It was a dream to provide free Physiotherapy to all my friends ” the homeless ” in all our shelter homes. 
And I have not let this one dream dissolve. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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