18.11.22.  7 PM IST 
The RIGHT TO FOOD is a basic human right but ironically the Director of FOOD & DRUGS ADMINISTRATION, BAMBOLIM  and the FSSAI, Bambolim are yet to realise this. 
The number of  homeless and Hungry are increasing alarmingly in Goa. 
I am frustrated , disappointed,  upset and disturbed at how the FDA & FSSAI , Goa is permitting wastage of excess edible food daily.  
We at STREET PROVIDENCE  have done our best to partner with FDA & FSSAI, BAMBOLIM, but the powers that be are not intrested. 
On 14 10.22 we held a silent protest at Azad Maidan panjim against FSSAI BAMBOLIM 
Subsequently on  27.10 22, FSSAI BAMBOLIM held a press conference / stake holders meeting to address this issue of wastage of edible food  which we  have been fighting  for alone for the last so many years . 
The Press covered this event and attached is a 30 second video of the FSSAI DIRECTOR. Lots of talk at meetings but the outcome is yet to be seen. 👇
The FSSAI under the SAVE FOOD , FEED FOOD INNIATITVE is bound to have a HELPLINE NO ,  without which this launch held last month is of no value , ” BUT THERE NO HELPLINE NUMBER ” & the silly part ” I brought this point to the notice of AN IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE of FSSAI & he coolly asked me CAN WE USE YOUR NO AS THE HELPLINE NO ?” 
On 28.10 22 our NGO resigned as a food partner from the  FSSAI INITIATIVE and a email was sent to the authorities to this effect. 
On 17.11.22 , FSSAI BAMBOLIM releases the minutes of the meeting,  does not send us a copy but mentions STREET PROVIDENCE in the minutes as the Recovery Agency  despite being aware that STREET PROVIDENCE has resigned in desperation. 
In the press conference , Director, FDA, says there are 3 Recovery Agencies in Goa but does not name any one. On being asked queries by those who attended that meeting on 27.10.22,  she says that names of Recovery Agencies   will be informed  later . 
In the minutes dated 17.11.22 , besides the name of STREET PROVIDENCE  , no other Recovery Agent is mentioned. 
Obviously none exists in reality except on the FSSAI website. 
If  they did exist, then why were they not called for the meeting on 27.10.22 ? 
I am sure FSSAI will bring some non Goan food recovery agencies and say see we have food recovery agencies now. 
The minutes of the meeting states that our NGO did not attend the meeting . 
Yes, we did not attend the meeting,  but we  emailed the Director,FSSAI well in advance informing her of the futility of attending the meeting in the absence of an Agenda . 
Were the other 2 recovery agencies invited ? 
Why did they not come for the meeting on 27.10.22 ? 
Obviously there are no other Food recovery agencies in Goa . 
Strangely today, 18th November, 22 during my conversation with the IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE 
of FSSAI about the above minutes, his reply ” WE WILL CALL ANOTHER MEETING NEXT MONTH & DECIDE WHAT TO DO ” is a clear indicator of the confused attitude towards the FSSAI INITIATIVE. 
That means FSSAI is justing wasting time doing nothing . 
In the last 4 years no NGO from GOA has joined this initiative and today AFTER THE LAUNCH is done, FSSAI is  searching for FOOD RECOVERY PARTNERS and yet to put out the HELPLINE NO & yet to give the names and nos of FOOD RECOVERY AGENCIES registered in Goa to collect extra food . 
Food banks and food recovery are not done at press conferences & at meetings . 
Its done at the ground level with foot soldiers. 
So basically :
Food wastage will go on  & the hungry will have to wait for a meal daily. 
So we as a Shelter Home may be forced to reduce or cap our intake as food costs is more that 50% and that makes the homeless reach the streets . 
Add The garbage dumps growing bigger and bigger . Why ? 
Today there is more than 10000 tonnes of garbage at a dump in South Goa . 
If, 4 years back iSHARE FOOD , SAVE FOOD INITIATIVE was started by FSSAI BAMBOLIM across Goa would not the  wet garbage be reduced? 
No one cares and no one is bothered about :
☆ the poor ,
☆ the environment 
☆ the hungry 
That's what is troubling me . 
We are ready to pick :
☆ 5000 kgs / 5 tonnes extra food daily 
☆ 72000 kgs / 72 tonnes a month 
☆ 8640000 kgs / 8640 tonnes a year 
& daily feed 15000 meals through out employees and staff
But Director of FSSAI is not listening to me neither is she interested in understanding how to save good food from being wasted. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848 

NOTE :If you require the copy of the minutes to tally what I am writing please whatsapp me .I will send a copy .