16.11.22. 7pm IST 
The most disappointing and sad part of a homeless person life is when that person is suffering from disabilities and coupled with old aged & with multiple other sickness. 
It' literally kills that homeless person from inside as the homeless suffers especially if there is any physical disabilities, any limbs are amputated, any veins issue which stops the blood circulation, etc . 
If the homeless person is suffering from other health issues like  pressure , Diabetics, heart , etc along with some mental disabilities then it's like 7 to 8 tablets a day. 
Last 6 months we have been running FREE  Physiotherapy sessions @ Dr Gail and Mrs Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic Sangolda and we have and are treating close to 50 such homeless people from our 5 shelter homes in North Goa. 
Lots and lots of improvement especially in the old and bed ridden homeless people. 
Couple of stroke related homeless people are standing and walking slowly. 
I can see their expressions both in their body language and in their daily routine. 
These 50 homeless people are happier, brighter, active, healthier,  etc . 
And so after 6 months of running our 1st Physiotherapycentre in North Goa , we are starting 2 more such Physiotherapy centres in South Goa ie in Quepem & Salcette Talukas . 
We have a big men's home with a capacity of 80 men in Quepem Taluka . 
We have another men's home with a capacity of 30 men and a women home with a capacity of 20 women both in Salcete Taluka . 
Both these Physiotherapy centres are in-house centres focusing primarily on our homeless street people and the INNAUGRATION is on 21.11.22. 
It's more like hiring a Doctor to visit our homes and we are providing basic equipments & clean infrastructure. 
We have basic equipment at the moment to start both these new Physiotherapy centres in QUEPEM & SALCETTE Talukas . 
We require donations/ funding / support to pay the Physiotherapist Salary / Fees for atleast one year on a fixed monthly basis. 
If you are part of a cultural club , association, friends circle , etc then please do consider this appeal for a cause of the treatment of the old and homeless people requiring Physiotherapy. 
If any Company can support these Physiotherapy centres under CSR , it will be really nice and rewarding to our service towards the homeless. 
We can even add a name in memory of a loved one to both these Physiotherapy centres incase the expenses are taken care off. 
Rescuing and rehabilitating the homeless people or people with disabilities is easy but treating them and caring for them is not easy . 
One require deep pockets to pay the bills. 
We offer you 80G exemption on your donations. 
Remember both these Physiotherapy centres for the homeless are being innaugrated on 21.11.22. 
At Quepem Taluka at 9 30 am 
At Salcete Taluka at 12.00 pm. 
YOU are invited but with prior confirmation so that you can see how we care for the homeless, the old aged and people with disabilities incase YOU WISH TO FUND THESE PROJECTS 
God Bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848