10.11.22. 7pm IST 
WE @ FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA, GOA for over 5 years have been consistently feeding Poor people through various systems and methods. 
This is how we do it . 
We run 5 systems :
☆ 1. We daily collect extra cooked food from various factories amounting to 150 to 300 kgs for our 8 shelter homes and rest for the poor .
☆ 2. We have installed 15 fridges in Police stations and public places fetching us 100 kgs daily events at times going upto 200kgs .
☆ 3. We purchase daily dry food items like Bread , paratha , fruits & eggs and feed on streets & public places including villages. Varies daily between 200 to 400 such meals 
☆ 4. We have installed fridges as FOOD SPOTS in certain villages where we drop extra cooked food and these volunteers in turn feed the poor local people in that area – we have 5 such spots.
☆ 5. We also distribute dry ration kits in rural areas of Goa on a monthly basis
But still there are huge no of poor families in need of food and the best way to reach them is through the FSSAI INNITIAVE- ” Save Food , Feed Food “. 
We have 6 teams across Goa ready to feed close to 2000 poor people daily extra cooked food In rural villages . 
We can increase and will be increasing the teams by another 20 and as such we intend to reach 15000 people daily with the extra cooked food of close to 5000 kgs . 
But WILL THE FSSAI BAMBOLIM get their act together and get this extra food to the poor and hungry in rural Goa ? 
We have the :
☆ Experience in running food banks, 
☆ Poor People who require this food in rural goa,
☆ Logistics to move 5000 kgs daily ,
☆ Manpower to move 5000 kgs daily ,
☆ A professional set up and kitchens across Goa,
☆ Commitment to feed the poor. 
But we are lacking the resources to collect daily 5000kgs of extra cooked food which is daily dumped in the bins. 
But FSSAI BAMBOLIM is not showing any interest besides press conferences and press release and self proclamation that we are going to feed the poor through the registered agencies which are just 2 as we have resigned. 
On 14.10.22 , we took a two hours silent strike with 10 homeless men at AZAD MAIDAN Panjim. 
On 15.11.22 , we will be taking another silent protest,  this time with 25 homeless street men. 
It's High time , FOOD WASTAGE is reduced and FSSAI BAMBOLIM is suppose to stop this food wastage ASAP. 
Please do save food and let's all work together to feed the hungry in Goa . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848