8.11.2022. 7pm IST 
A few days back I received a request to rescue & rehabilitate two family members, Mother & adult child from the streets . 
I could not say YES nor could I say NO at that time when the request came. 
This is a very difficult and yet practical case in Goa. 
☆ Mother & adult child both living on a street in a public place. 
☆ A street light lights up that place.
☆ Their Home is completely broken down. 
☆ Father left them many years back. 
☆ Child is studying in high school, final class.
☆ Mother can be a bit insane & HIGHLY INFECTED.
☆ To many men taken advantage of her. 
What would you do if you were in my place ? 
Say yes or give excuses and say no? 
Social workers called many homes but everyone has a VALID EXCUSE not to help . 
Absolutely no family members existing on any side. 
Poverty and exploitation at its height. 
In such a tight and closed case of poverty, the child wishes to study and proceed ahead in life. 
We are accepting both of them into our homes. 
But the school & the homes are 25 kms apart. 
There is no bus service between these two places. 
Child can't change the school. 
Road blocks at all steps. 
Neither would I like the Child to be separated from the mother as the child is an adult and mother may be in her final stages of life . 
Mother will require to be :
▪︎Medication will be needed to be administered in time as she is highly infected, 
▪︎Psychiatric treatment to cool her down a must,
▪︎Nutrition to be taken care ,
▪︎Stabilized as she has a habit of just walking around, 
▪︎And who knows what other ailments and sickness she has, been on the streets abandoned. 
Adult child priorty :
Complete the final year of High School,
Motivation to travel daily 25 kms one way ,
Has to use a pilot to go up and down ” costs involved are huge “.
Education till the child final exams in March 23.
Counseling & Motivation 
Tuitions to get a grip on what the child missed . 
This family has been like months if not over a year in that dirty public place and yet no one in the locality got up from their slumber to help. 
I too wanted to walk away from helping them ? 
But walk away to where? 
It's going to be difficult but that's why our NGO was requested to help as all options and doors did not open . 
We accepted the request but its a daunting task at hand as we are already loaded with 150+ homeless men & women in our 8 shelter homes. 
I don't have much to say but it's sad and bad that this young adult child and mother have to go through a torture for no fault of theirs. 
Unsure future 
No food and security 
All clouds and dark storms. 
Look around in your locality if you know such families living a sucked up life. 
See if you can help them in any way you can. 
We can help if the need arises. 
Our doors are always open even if all other doors are closed or if no one wants to open their doors . 
WE @ STREET PROVIDENCE , DARE TO DREAM when others are even afraid of the DREAM . 
Your prayers , support , blessings,  donations are what help us to move ahead in this life of hunger, Poverty & Homelessness. 
We operate through whatsapp only on 8380097564 so kindly take note . 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848