27.10.2022. 7Pm IST 
Mostly we understand and are explained that God speaks to each one in silence. 
But mostly God talks to me in and when I am in the most troubled state and I am all upset and angry . 
And so just two days ago I was in a situation as usual little upset with this FSSAI food wastage situation. 
Casually I saw a post of am educated man on FB warning people that the man is a fake and so on . 
I could Have ignored and just moved on . 
But no, something told me help him . 
I replied to the post at 9pm  which was shared by VLADMIR de MONTE FURTADO saying ” we can adnitt him into our shelter home “. 
Post and my reply snap shot attached and I went to sleep. 
I Spoke the Word and I felt upset that an educated man is on the streets and I can be of help. 
That Word went forth through The Angels and hit this lady ALBA Desa from MAPUSA. 
Alba is senior citizen from Mapusa who was at that day , 9 pm in panjim in front of or near this man . 
She casually or felt pity or The Angels told Alba to speak to this man . 
Alba spoke,  the man agreed and Alba whatsapp me at approx 11pm . 
Snap shot attached  
At 1 am I got up to check all the CCTVs in the shelter homes and Alba message caught my attention.. 
I felt relieved and happy that in my troubles, God used me to help this man . 
It's never my ABILITY but my AVAILABILITY that matters to the homeless no matter what time or what is the condition of the homeless,  we wil rescue & rehabilitate . 
As usual the man is in Panjim , Alba is in Mapusa and all our staff @ Street Providence are up to our neck. 
How do we track this man at night ? 
God spoke and Said call Reuben . 
Reuben is a youngster in panjim who many times got quite a no of homeless men off the streets into our homes . 
Yesterday evening I connected Alba to Reuben and yesterday Late night we got Mr Amarnath off the streets.  Thanks to Reuben. 
Totally stressed and may be going through depression . 
Did not ask him much as there is time for that. 
Incase any one knows him either in Panjim or Bangalore do let me know . 
Our Rescue & rehabilitation of the homeless across Goa is now just a whatsapp message away on the phone as along as one follows institutions. 
No need to run up and down. 
Across all major cities we Have many such REUBENS ready to walk that extra mile to help a homeless. 
You too can help like senior citizen Alba a homeless if you come across. 
No need to call me . 
Talk to the homeless, see their demand if they need shelter,  click a picture and whatsapp me and if possible call the local police staton or 100 
You will get a reply. 
Its just next to impossible to run after each and every request at times . 
Mr Amarnath needs professional help, medication & counseling along with detoxification as he is drinking alcohol on the streets. 
We require your help, prayers and blessings as the season is just started and numerous such calls and rescues will be required as Goa attracts alot of man power but not all make it. 
Not an easy service of rescuing and rehabilitating the homeless. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848