28.10.2022. 7pm IST 
Once destined to be dead, is alive and walking. 
Hanumant a Goan family man who once was abandoned by his own family due to excess drinking habit and left to fend for himself, today is finally on his feet,  standing and walking . 
All thanks to our Physiotherapy sessions & The Grace of God . 
This is our success story no 2. 
Hanumant has a wife and 3 children and has practically screwed up his life drinking and making a mess of his family. 
Till today he does not remember his 3 children names neither has he seen them last 15 years . 
Wife struggles to make ends meet. 
Hanumant must have undergone more than 3 operations as his hip / leg had an issue due to some old injury resulting in he being unable to stand and walk . 
When we found him and decided to rehabilitate him it was June 21 he was in an old dirty abandoned balcony living in his own mess. 
Video attached 3 min only . Must watch 👇
We had to clean him change him and help him to get into our car. 
One of the most irritating, complicated, ungrateful and the worst case we have accepted and handled which I can recall in our shelter Homes. 
Hanumant was very aggressive,  abusive,  stubborn,  un co operative. 
We had to treat him for these issues :
☆ Alcohol – detoxification 
☆ Mental frame – psychiatric medication 
☆ Physical – operation and numerous trips to Dr
☆ Toilet habits – for over a year he was on pampers 
☆ Physiotherapy – for over 4 full months 60 session 
Although he was wheel chair bound, his tongue was splitting Venom on the care givers. 
He would hit,  kick,  beat,  throw his plate , shout, spit , bite etc 
One day in July 22 I lost my cool and confronted him with raging fire and gave him such a peace of my mind which cooled him down there & there 
Fortunate that I did not get physical with him. 
I told the care givers show him NO MERCY 
It worked. 
He started using the washroom so no pamper ,
He started eating and behaving well,
Complaints stopped from the care givers 
The Physiotherapy sessions was reducing his pain In his leg and he was feeling better . 
On his own he would daily do his exercises given by the Physio. 
There was a smile now on his face. 
He felt better . 
We took him home to meet his sister and other members who point blank refuses to even entertain him . 
His wife and children clearly told him ” if you come home we will commit suicide & die “. 
He harassed them badly when they were very small and those hurts and scars are not gone . 
Today Hanumant realizes his fate . 
I don't know what will be his future . 
But once destined to be dead is today alive. Walking, standing and happy . 
Belive me I should not write this ” I wanted to get rid of him along time back because he was just not easy to handle ” 
His leg pain was too much for him and he was at times begging to die . 
Today @ Dr Gail & Mrs Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic Sangolda, many such cases are treated daily which after 4 months results are there to showcase . 
It's not only about rescue & rehabilitation but it's about the homeless getting their MOJO back . 
We are not a permanent home . 
In the last 18 months we have spent more than 
Rs 2 lacs on HANUMANT which includes :
☆ Medication 
☆ Hospital trips 
☆ Physiotherapy trips 
☆ Doctors Fees 
☆ Equipment & aids for his mobility 
☆ Food & nutrition 
☆ Care givers fees 
And why did we go that extra mile ? 
No old aged , shelter home or any other NGOs will do so much for FREE for such people. 
1st of all no one will admitt him . 
And Hanumant is not related to me or to any of my staff or employees. 
Yet we see a chance to repay back society for the little we can do in highly complicated and difficult scenarios. 
If you know any such people who can't walk or just abandoned for any leg injuries please send them to our Physiotherapy centre . 
Our 2 PHYSIOTHERAPISTS  are doing a superb job on such cases with results assured . 
Remember we don't charge any fees to 95% of our people in our shelter homes . 
Everything is free of cost. 
We require your help , prayers , blessings and donations to keep the services running and providing 24*7 care to the homeless across Goa. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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