16.10.2022. 10am IST 
Today is World Food Day ” LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND hungry ” 
We at the FOOD BANK Sangolda having been collecting & feeding thousands of people extra cooked food throug our food bank fridges in Goa. 
This year from March 17th , The Honourable Governor of Goa has been supporting this initiative and 6 months to date we get every week 100 cooked meals towards feeding the hungry and homeless. 
But on the other hand THE FSSAI Dept Bambolim is just sleeping on their own initiative which is on their web site SAVE FOOD FEED FOOD , so much so that even THE CM of Goa has marked a note to them 6 months back to look into this but nothing. 
So much that two days back our food bank went on a silent protest for 90 minutes at AZAD MAIDAN . 
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Celebrating food day today and going to sleep rest of the year is a crazy and weird celebration. 
For the last 5 years our Food Bank is implementing the SPIRIT OF WORLD FOOD DAY on a daily basis. 
Today Police Stations in Goa play a big role in our food bank program by allowing our NGO to install food bank fridges  in 10 Police stations in Goa where by extra food is deposited by the public 24*7. 
Police Department comes under The Home Minister who is also THE CHIEF MINISTER. 
So basically THE Honourable Governor of Goa & The Chief Minister of Goa are supporting the hungry & the homeless throughout the year . 
So what's the issue with THE FSSAI DIRECTOR @ BAMBOLIM ? 
Our next step to see that food in Goa is saved, is :
☆ 1. Petition The Governor of Goa &
☆ 2. PIL in the High Court. 
If nothing happens still :
Petition the Honourable Prime Minister of India as it was his desire to reduce hunger in India through the SAVE FOOD SHARE FOOD INITIATIVE. 
Few days ago its highlighting everywhere that 
India has slipped down in hunger & poverty and the only solution PAN INDIA is the SUPERB initiative of FSSAI ie ” SAVE FOOD SHARE FOOD” 
But who is going to BELL THE CAT ? 
This is the million dollar question. 
India on a whole wastes per year 67 million tonnes of food worth Rs 92000 crorers . 
Goa daily wastes 10 tonnes of food on a lower side . 
My blood boils looking at the food wastage in Goa and India and the poor getting poorer . 
There are 20 crore people in India below poverty line & 23 crore people are earning less than Rs 375 per day . 
PRIME MINISTER of INDIA should pull up all these FSSAI OFFICIALS Pan Inda and ask them accountability for the last 4 years on what was done through the SAVE FOOD SHARE FOOD INNIATITVE. 
Or NGOs like ours should be ropped in to solve the food wastage issue. 
We have been on the ground last 5 years daily celebrating WORLD FOOD DAY  
Please don't waste food . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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