12.10.22. 7pm IST 
Once a living wreck , hated by society,  rejected , abused but today he is a Normal human being just like you and me . 
Meet Mr Badra . 
Does any one last 5 years who stayed either in Merces or St Cruz remember about a metal bus stop right outside the junction at NIYAAZ restaurant ? 
Today the flyover has been built and that metal bus stop has been dismantled. 
Well BADRA home was in that bus stop prior to when we picked him up in early 2018. 
Photo attached of 2018. 
He used to walk up and down from that bus stop at st Cruz to Merces circle. 
And not just walking but In a March past style left right left right with his hands moving in tandem . 
He was so tanned with the sun that I can't express what he looked like . 
Anyway we took him in , got him examined at IPHB and put him on medication. 
But May 2019 he escaped and was back in the dirt and rubbish this time in Ponda. 
End July 2019 we were requested by Chetan & Viraj from Ponda to rehabilitate him. 
Picture attached along with that day post of how he was when we picked him up . 
This is that link of July 2019 👇 
And here we are 3 years from 2019 and close to 5 years from the time we picked him up . 
We have cracked the difficult part of turning an animal like instinct to a human being. 
A perfect human being ( well not 100% back to normalcy but I can say he is 70% normal which is huge huge achievement for him and for us ) who today has a bath by himself, uses the washroom , eats in a plate, does all types of work assigned to him and shows no tendency to run away even without supervision. 
Last few months Sapnesh our operation manager has been sending him to my house to work and tells me see how Badra has improved. 
Watch the small video. 👇
Badra works alone and I am observing him though the CCTV cameras. 
He does not show signs of running away or getting a cigarette from the passerby or trying to get tobacco to chew . 
And not once Have we ever admitted him into IPHB . 
It's totally LOVE & CARE given to him by various care givers and our staff who have worked with us in the last 5 years . 
It's the FOCUS & PASSION to fight the impossible irrespective of the opposition and the current circumstances. 
Today our NGO has opposition from FSSAI Bambolim who is refusing to support wastage of good food in Goa. 
Of course we have made numerous trips to IPHB and purchased numerous medications which he is still on but the RESULTS are there to see. 
Usually you will find such UNCLEAN PEOPLE either just roaming around the streets or dumped in the mental hospitals which we too at times do as we are really over loaded at times. 
Today such services will cost a bomb in any paid institution as no one wants to do these services FREE and too for these type of Human beings . 
Our donations are taking a hit and its a humble request to support our NGO . 
Too many such people around in GOA both locals and non goans are loosing their mind and ending up like this man . 
We are trying to take in and help as many as we can but the running costs are killing the dream. 
But one thing I must admitt ” God has always inspired some benefactor at that right time to bless us during any financial crisis we go through “. 
Once again ” THANK YOU ALL OUR BENEFACTORS & PHILANTROPHY PARTNER for all the donations “. 
Also we thank WOMEN & CHILD dept , Government of Goa for funding one of our 4 ladies home for the last 2 years .( this year grant is not yet released but will be I am told ). 
If you find any such homeless unclean people in Goa let us know at STREET PROVIDENCE. 
As usual only through whatsapp message on 8380097564 , no calling please 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848