20.10.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA not only rescues and provides rehabilitation but we also provide in house medical services through our Physiotherapy centre at Sangolda. 
Dr Gail and Mrs Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic @ Sangolda was started 4 months back specifically to provide free health care facilities to people with disabilities and those who are homeless in our shelter homes. 
And the 1st such free medical service was Physiotherapy.. 
Watch the video of 3 minutes only . 👇
A lady in cast, just 5 months back today walking without any assistance and is suffering from mental disabilities also only due to Physiotherapy. 
And the 1st such RESULT is here to be happy & proud about. 
This is our local Goan abandoned lady from Nagoa -Arpora, Mrs Rajani Shirodkar. 
We are caring for her last 5 years and about 6 months back she broke her leg and was in plaster in GMC. 
During this time an XRAY was done which showed a rod in her other leg which we were unaware about . 
She does not talk much that's another issue. 
Anyway on her discharge in late May from GMC I realized that the care giver ie Nuns from FMCK who run this home would have a tough time if she gets bed ridden due to the fracture. 
Belive me our PHYSIOTHERAPY center was yet to be fully operational and we hired a lady PHYSIOTHERAPIST who would go every alternate day to treat Rajni at the Shelter home . 
Full June, July , August  due to rains we did not want to risk Rajani getting cold or cough so 
In house Physiotherapy was provided which was quite expensive. 
But from September, Rajani is brought to the Physiotherapy clinic 3 times a week by car and treated by the lady Physiotherapist and look and see how she is fit fine and walking . 
And just 45 days at our Physiotherapy centre has done wonders to her . 
I mean why should we go-to such an extent ? 
They are homeless and abandoned so giving food , shelter is enough, why give more ? 
Well I most of the times think and look at them as my own although I don't get emotionally involved. 
Rajani can be anyone mother,  sister , grandmother,  mother in law . 
She too is frustrated being abandoned by her own son and daughter who stay in the Arpora . 
The unwanted feeling is yet to die down in her . 
And if she gets bed ridden it's going to be a big problem to all – care givers, our staff , herself. 
We have to go beyond our call of duty as that is where the blessings are . 
We have to give AGAPE LOVE to such people who can never ever repay us back but only their prayers and blessings are given to us . 
If any one recognizes Rajani Shirodkar please ask her family to atleast come and visit her. 
It will cheer her up . 
She can still stay with us but she needs to go in peace . 
Once again if any such elderly people are going through such physical issues and have given up hope to walk due to any sort of fractures or any bone related issues. ” HOLD ON “. 
We have the best,  young , energetic, goan  Physiotherapists  and a fully loaded Physiotherapy centre with the latest equipment in a fully air conditioned centre at Sangolda . 
You just need to DREAM big . 
This is the 1st success story of our PHYSIOTHERAPY center. 
There are many such hopeless cases in our home ONCE UPON A TIME . 
We will be presenting alot of such successful homeless people with disabilities benefitting from this free Physiotherapy sessions since they are homeless. 
And this is the 1st such Free Physiotherapy centre . 
Two more are planned in South Goa very soon. 
We require support to foot the bills of the Physiotherapists salary even though they are providing their services below the normal prevailing rates as of today. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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