8.10.2022. 7pm IST 
4 months with main focus on the homeless street people in our shelter Homes . 
We have treated 46 of our homeless street people by conducting more than 350 sessions. 
90% of homeless people come along with some sort of disabilities and sickness related issues. 
We have employed on board 2 Physiotherapist who are doing a really wonderful and excellent service of treating these people both ladies & gents. 
A lady Physiotherapist comes daily 9 am to 1 pm treating mostly lady patients & minor treatment required for homeless men . 
The Gent Physiotherapist comes 3 days a week 4 to 7 pm treating men whose issues are chronic and really difficult to handle. 
It's not an easy task for both these Physiotherapist to treat them as at times the homeless people are violent, stubborn, moody , aggressive. 
But the results are amazing and worth the trouble and effort . 
Complaints in the homes have reduced of the care givers as now these people taking Physio can have a bath by themselves, use the washroom alone, don't need to be carried around etc. 
We are also providing free Physiotherapy to anyone who is suffering from disabilities. 
Also any poor and deserving senior citizen is charged only Rs 100 per session. 
We also take appointments from people who can afford and the charges as a donation is only Rs. 300 per session of 30 min. 
By this way,  our overhead costs of running this Physiotherapy clinic can be reduced if we treat patients who can pay for the services. 
The main costs are Doctors Salaries , Electricity and basic medical requirements. 
Our clinic is fully air conditioned and we provide the same facility to the homeless person as well as the patient who pays . 
All are equal in our clinic . 
The homeless people are brought from our shelter homes at Assnora, calangute & Guirim. 
It's so much joy and pleasure to see how once men & women who had to Carried in chairs and stretchers are today able to stand, walk and do their own work . 
This is just the 1st such Physiotherapy clinic at Sangolda . 
We are keen to start another two such clinics in South Goa very soon . 
Rehabilitation of the homeless street people is not only now about food clothing shelter but also about the these homeless people suffering from various disabilities now getting medical attention through Physiotherapy and there by reducing those pain killers which earlier were given to kill the pain. 
We must the only NGO / Shelter home / old aged home in Goa having such a service and that too FREE for the old & disabled who are homeless. 
Their Pain is my pain and I don't like pain. 
Imfact in the last 1 month the Physiotherapist has put me on 30 min exercise which has completely cut off all my pains in my body. 
Just 1 year back exactly June 21 to May 22 , my Physiotherapy bill must have been close to 
Rs 60000 in total . 
Its to do with the stress and tension. 
So if you are going through any body pain , tension, stress , etc think of booking an appointment at our Physiotherapy centre at Sangolda. 
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848