7.10.2022. 8pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA as an NGO depends 95 % on donations from benefactors and Philanthropy. 
To our Blessings we have never ever had issues with donations as Benefactors have always been generous whenever we faced financial issues. 
There are a few benefactors who are standing with us right from 27.5.2017 and that's amazing to go through the experience of benefactors believing the work you do . 
And majority of our benefactors have never met me . 
Well have you ever heard of or experienced a benefactor who has left this world still being a benefactor ? 
This post is to one such Goan lady . 
In early 2018 , an elderly couple from Porvorim came to see me with an appointment and was pleased to know what I was doing that time and what my future plans were. 
They assured their donation monthly which was full filled till June 2021. 
And regularly they would buy 1 kg vimal butter & 1 kg Vimal cheese which we would deliver home 
The elderly lady would often chat with me and send me messages and prayers etc. . 
During Covid they would not go out so the orders stopped but not the donation. 
It's was monthly fixed day through NEFT and I would send the receipt online . 
After the 1st wave in mid 2020, the lady said she was going to visit her daughter abroad . 
But suddenly in August 21 , I belive she expired. 
In between mid 2021 donation from her did not come and I assumed she must have stopped. 
Suddenly in Jan 2022, the donation started and as usual we were actually unaware from whom the donation was coming and we would whatsapp the receipt. 
But in June 2022 I realized the lady is not checking my messages as there is only 1 tick not 2 blue ticks. 
So I clicked in her DP and I was shocked that her DP had her smiling pretty face with her birth and death dates which was August 21. 
Now could there be a mistake ? 
I was trying to locate her family to apprise them of the donation sent to our NGO from her bank account. 
In the mean time I was aware and in touch on some social media platforms with her daughter whom I never knew was her daughter. 
Mean while her daughter one day got in touch with me in July 22 regarding a post for some donation of Rs 50 k and said I am so and so daughter and i would like to take care of the expenses put up on that particular post. 
I was surprised and was in two minds to tell her that her late mother is still our benefactor. 
But before I could tell the daughter,  one day one man called me saying this daughter has given me your no and asked me to send you Rs 2 lacs based on another post for renovating our 3rd women home at guirim . 
The man never knew me neither I know him . 
He sent the donation and that's when I told the daughter about her late mother donation being credited monthly to our NGO ac ( & also thanked her for the recommendation to this man.) 
She was surprised and Said she would check on it . 
The husband/ her father was the one operating his late wife account and that's why the donation was still coming but the account was in the late wife name. 
The daughter too ended up giving her donation of Rs 75 k . 
I mean which child would allow their late parent money to go an NGO ? 
I never asked the daughter any other details. 
But I know in my heart that the late mother & her husband had a special place for the work we do, both when they were alive and even after her death . 
That's the beauty of our NGO. 
We are able to perform consistently day after day, month after month, year after year . 
The lady believed me in 2018 when there was not much work to show but that fire and passion which I had when I met them in 2018 was enough to convince the late lady and her family that all our project are genuine and sincere. 
At times in today's date its very difficult to be a benefactor as most NGOs integrity is questioned. 
To all our current benefactors thank you for the support . 
To those benefactors who have discontinued, I understand and bless you . 
To those who would like to be my benefactor but still are in two minds about my integrity and commitment, please go thru my TEDX talk in May 2018 . 
Our focus will always be on rehabilitation of the homeless and poor people with disabilites as well as food banks . 
We still run the water tap. 
We have diversified into free Medical clinics for the homeless & the disabled. 
It's a dream to start FREE HOSPITALS in Goa for the poor and the impoverished which is taking shape slowly 
But the biggest DREAM is starting shelter homes across India and setting food banks across India. 
Come share our dreams by joining in as a benefactor. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848