2.10.2022. 8 Pm IST 
Part 1 
FOOD BANK FOR THE THE POOR , SANGOLDA, GOA collected close to 10 tonnes ( 10000 kgs ) of fresh edible cooked food in the month of September 2022 across Goa through our Food Bank Fridges and distributed to the impoverished. 
As Goa's 1st  registered FOOD BANK with a license from FSSAI , Bambolim, we save alot of wet food from being thrown out into the garbage thereby also reducing  wet garbage from reaching the garbage dumps. 
Despite our best efforts, a whopping 10,000 kgs ( 10 tonnes) of edible fresh food is thrown into the garbage DAILY  in Goa, 
FSSAI Bambolim is aware of this and yet no plan embarked upon to SAVE this food despite it coming directly under their preview. 
I have tried my best with the powers that be to prevent this enormous wastage – I wrote a letter to Hon. CM of GOA informing him of this wastage and the dertriment to the environment-  & CM marked this letter to Director of FSSAI Bambolim asking to look into the same . 
I have  submitted applications and emails to both the  FSSAI Director & the officer in charge  of SAVE FOOD , FEED FOOD inniatitve which is actually under FSSAI  – NO RESPONSE 
Disappointing but we will not give up! 
But inspite of no support from FSSAI Bambolim, this is where we got our 10000 kgs food for September2022
☆ Panjim Police station Freezer : 1500 kgs 
☆ Mapusa Police Station Freezer : 1000 kgs 
☆ Other 8 Police Station Freezers : 1500 kgs 
☆ Sangolda CHOGM road Freezer : 1000 kgs 
☆ Creamux Bakery , Corlim : 1000 kgs 
☆ Colgate Factory , Kundanim : 1500 kgs 
☆ Deccan Chemicals factory,  Corlim : 500 kgs
☆ Private caterers who drop food at our shelter homes late at night : 1000 kgs 
We also receive daily 2000 parathas from a paratha factory of which 80% is consumables : 1000 kgs. 
All figures are authentic and can be verified at any point of time by just following our food van daily. 
Here I would like to mention that huge costs are  involved in :
☆ 1. Collecting the food 
☆ 2. Transporting to the base
☆ 3. Sorting and checking the food 
☆ 4. Sending the good food out to the hungry
☆ 5. Sending the leftovers to the Piggery
And this exercise has been operational 
24* 7  since the last 5 years . 
If not collected by us surely even these 10 tonnes would find it's way into the garbage dumps. 
Not “rocket science” , only empathy needed. 
Our mission to “End Hunger ” in Goa is what motivates us to save this food. 
Food Freezers are installed in Police Stations across Goa, open 24 *7  & public places in Goa. 
We  also accept food from caterers at our shelter homes and this is used to feed the homeless rehabilitated in our 8 shelter homes. In addition, through our volunteers this food is also shared with the hungry in Villages across Goa. 
400 +  breakfast & meals packets are purchased and served at two service points :
1.  Outside GMC & IIPHB, Bambolim. 
2. Parish of St Diogo Guirim – Sangolda , through SSVP members. 
Besides daily 100s of meals are requested by genuine people to be fed to the hungry across Goa and we oblige. 
That's not all…………. since the last 3 years, 100's of impoverished families across rural Goa are given dry ration packets worth Rs 1000/- . The cereals and pulses given are purchased from Gadvi Panjim . 
Covid 19 both waves our FOOD BANK gave away rs 60 + lacs worth of Dry Ration across Goa . 
My BIG DREAM is  to collect  daily  10,000 kgs of excess cooked food across entire Goa and feed 30,000 people through my team  of 400 volunteers . 
The lackadaisical attitude of FSSAI, Bambolim is frustrating. 
And why this attitude? 
Since the  last 5 years we have in place a well  oiled, systematic, registered and well set Food Bank Program and the Government refuses to step up its act  to reduce food dumped in  garbage in Goa . 
Their cooperation could well reduce the amount of  wet garbage across Goa by 300 tonnes every month through the SAVE FOOD,  FEED FOOD initiative under FSSAI , CENTRAL GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE. 
My urgent plea to  FSAAI Director & her team ——- please take cognizance of this waste and our willingness to collect this food if you will direct/ instruct all Canteens/ Eateries/ Corporates etc to keep aside their extra edible food for us. 
By a simple stroke of your pen, you can provide edible food to 30, 000 impoverished persons and reduce wet garbage by 10, 000 kgs. 
But please call these stake holders for a meet rather than making me go around introducing this concept which is actually not my job . 
I guess the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak as Director & the team @ FSSAI Bambolim promised me alot of support in this regard but no action yet! 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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