3.10.2022. 7pm IST 
GOA POLICE @ PERNEM POLICE STATION brings a new lease of life to this old homeless Goan man by getting him off the streets and into a shelter home . 
STEREET PROVIDENCE accepts this old Goan man through Pernem Police station last week. 
Mr Agustine was spotted in and around Pernem in a unclean manner . 
Goan man but terribly DEAF & freaking CATARACT in both eyes which makes it although difficult for him and the care givers at the moment. 
There will be numerous trips to hospitals and doctors to fix his ears and eyes . 
Says he is from OLD GOA . 
But says has worked manual & odd jobs all his life in Pernem area and staying and living on the foot path of TUEM Village in Pernem Taluka . 
Sad state of affairs especially when u r old , blind , deaf and penniless & unwanted as he can't work. 
Keeps saying that he used to cut grass and worked in the field. 
We can't push him more than this as he really can't hear and he is weak and tired. 
Not sure how many days he has been living in that miserable state. 
Incase anyone recognizes him please do get in touch with us on whatsapp on 8380097564. 
No need to take him back he can stay with us but atleast when he kicks the bucket we can inform his family or relatives . 
Too many old Goan people are being abandoned on the streets as cost of living is rising and looking after the old is getting impossible for families who are poor . 
We @;Street Providence are ready to provide food clothing shelter medication hospitalization to live a decent and peaceful life  to any no of such poor and homeless people and once they leave this earth we conduct the funeral rites according to their religion, 
And it's all free of cost . 
Yes we collect donations ( so please understand that ) to run these 8  rehabilitation homes in Goa. 
It's very painful and disturbing at times understanding each such homeless life journey. 
Life just looks cruel to the old, poor , abandoned,  people with disabilites, hungry,  sick. 
But I don't get emotional and I don't get personally involved in their life journey as I can't tell if they are speaking the truth or not. 
I am just doing my little part on this journey here on this earth to the best of my capabilities. 
It's my availability and not my ability which drives me to do these services where my motivation level is very very high. 
You too can play your part by blessings us, praying for us or just forwarding our messages to your near and dear ones. 
We operate through whatsapp only on 8380097564 so please try not to call and waste precious time . 
Remember we need to find Agustine family . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848